75 Words to use with passion

It was the passion-flower, and he had never seen it before, and now that he looked well at it he thought it the loveliest and strangest flower

Even now the Persian play of the "Martyrdom of Ali" is celebrated yearly, and the famous "Passion Play," a true Miracle, is given every ten years at Oberammergau.

Sabbath, Pentecost; Advent, Christmas, Epiphany; Lent; Passion week, Holy week; Easter, Easter Sunday, Whitsuntide; agape, Ascension Day, Candlemas^, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Holy Thursday; Lammas, Martinmas, Michaelmas; All SAint's DAy, All Souls' Day.

'He bids the tyrant passions rage, He bids them war eternal wage, And combat each his foe: Till from dissensions concords rise, And beauties from deformities, And happiness from woe.

The sun shone warmly upon the great, latticed porch, screened by the passion vines that hid one end completely from view.

He raised her from the ground with assurances of favor; he found his passion increase every moment by the conversation of the amiable object; and he was soon reduced, in his turn, to the posture and style of a supplicant at the feet of Elizabeth.

First, stern Philanthropy,not she who dries The orphan's tears, and wipes the widow's eyes; Not she who, sainted Charity her guide, Of British bounty pours the annual tide, But French Philanthropy,whose boundless mind Glows with the general love of all mankind; Philanthropy, beneath whose baneful sway Each patriot passion sinks, and dies away.

I may not deny but that there is some folly approved, a divine fury, a holy madness, even a spiritual drunkenness in the saints of God themselves; sanctum insanium Bernard calls it (though not as blaspheming Vorstius, would infer it as a passion incident to God himself, but) familiar to good men, as that of Paul, 2 Cor.

The following are specimens of his prosodial notions of our English heroic metre: "Dear as the temple's self, so does the moon, The passion poesy, glories infinite.

"The hows and whens of life" corrugate his features, and disharmonize his periods; contradiction sours, and passion ruffles himand, in short, an Englishman displeased, from whatever cause, is neither "un homme bien doux," nor "un homme bien aimable;" but such as nature has made him, subject to infirmities and sorrows, and unable to disguise the one, or appear indifferent to the other.

de Maupin, that godhead of flowing line, that desire not "of the moth for the star," but for such perfection of hanging arm and leaned thigh as leaves passion breathless and fain of tears, is now, if I take up the book and read, weary and ragged as a spider's web, that has hung the winter through in the dusty, forgotten corner of a forgotten room.

Let them, said he, give their passion time to cool: delay would not in any respect deprive them of their power, but would add prudence to strength; and the senators would be under the control of the people, and the consul under that of the senators.

And hath he master'd aught his sorrow now, Or still rides passion curbless through his soul? MORGAN.

Désespère une passion dangereuse, sauve-moi des effets que j'en crains; tu ne me hais, ni ne m'aimes, ni ne m'aimeras!

FUREUR, f., colère extrême; passion démesurée.

260 Men may be found of other mould than these, Who are their own upholders, to themselves Encouragement, and energy, and will, Expressing liveliest thoughts in lively words As native passion dictates.

On Good Friday, in the North of England, an herb pudding was formerly eaten, in which the leaves of the passion-dock (Polygonum bistorta) formed the principal ingredient.

FAIBLE, débile, sans vigueur; N. m., défaut; passion dominante.

Even if a voice full of passion doth corrupt thine ears to hearing tones that are vibrantless of love."

To what act in the passion drama had her love come to-night as she floated round the room, with her head inclined towards her lover's breast, the strong pulsation of his heart sounding in her ear, like the rhythmical beat of the basses yonder in Waldteufel's last waltz?

Without, the world's fierce strife and yearning In floods of passion ebb and flow; Within, as in a shrine, is burning, Reflecting fires of long ago, A stormy life's calm afterglow.

Every inundation of passion enriches and gives us a deeper soil.

At her approach each ruder gust of thought Sinks, like the sighing of a tempest spent, And gales of softer passion fan my bosom.

" Time goes by wings,the years flew on, The days had come,the summers gone, And still no loved one came To feed the burning passion flame Still glowing in her heart.

Yams and guavas, with wild passion fruit, made a breakfast and dinner as we clawed our way in pursuit.

75 Words to use with  passion