120 Nouns for  passion

120 Nouns for passion

he said at last, but the snake would not, and so he turned from it, and then it seemed to him that everything was alive and watching him in the same intent waythe passion-flowers, the green leaves, the grass, the trees, the wide sky, the great shining sun.

[Footnote 1: See Wheeler's History of India, I., 321.] There is a famous passion-play popular in Southern India and Ceylon, which illustrates the Hindoo ideal of truthfulness at every risk or cost.

Later on, the movie became a "passion project" for director Akiva Goldsman.

[Christian holy days] Sabbath, Pentecost; Advent, Christmas, Epiphany; Lent; Passion week, Holy week; Easter, Easter Sunday, Whitsuntide; agape, Ascension Day, Candlemas^, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Holy Thursday; Lammas, Martinmas, Michaelmas; All SAint's DAy, All Souls' Day.

Yams and guavas, with wild passion fruit, made a breakfast and dinner as we clawed our way in pursuit.

The sun shone warmly upon the great, latticed porch, screened by the passion vines that hid one end completely from view.

Some make a question whether this headstrong passion rage more in women than men, as Montaigne l. 3.

All the passions incident to the human frame have here assumed as true a scope, as in the more noisy and more tragical contentions of statesmen and warriors.

This last complaint th'indulgent ears did pierce Of just Apollo, president of verse; Highly concerned that the Muse should bring Damage to one whom he had taught to sing, Thus he advised me: 'On yon aged tree Hang up thy lute, and hie thee to the sea, That there with wonders thy diverted mind Some truce, at least, may with this passion find.'

"The hows and whens of life" corrugate his features, and disharmonize his periods; contradiction sours, and passion ruffles himand, in short, an Englishman displeased, from whatever cause, is neither "un homme bien doux," nor "un homme bien aimable;" but such as nature has made him, subject to infirmities and sorrows, and unable to disguise the one, or appear indifferent to the other.

It is not to be considered as the effusion of real passion; for passion runs not after remote allusions and obscure opinions.

Tho' passion pleads in Henry's cause, And Edwin's heart would sway; Yet honour's stern, imperious laws, The brave will still obey.

The following are specimens of his prosodial notions of our English heroic metre: "Dear as the temple's self, so does the moon, The passion poesy, glories infinite.

As native passion dictates.

From the tame scene which without passion flows, With just desert his reputation rose.

It had power to Exult and cry, and search the inmost deep Where the dark sources of new passion sleep.

He raised her from the ground with assurances of favor; he found his passion increase every moment by the conversation of the amiable object; and he was soon reduced, in his turn, to the posture and style of a supplicant at the feet of Elizabeth.

If passion flies, by Bowen Ingram.

Now hope inspires Yon Hindu maid, whose heart true passion sways, To launch on Gungas flood the glimmering rays Of Love's frail lamp,but, lo the light expires!

At her approach each ruder gust of thought Sinks, like the sighing of a tempest spent, And gales of softer passion fan my bosom.

There only may the spurious passion glow, Where not one laurel decks the caitiff's brow, 100 Obscene with crimes avow'd, of every dye, Corruption, lust, oppression, perjury.

On Zutphen's plain; or where, with soften'd gaze, The old grey stones the plaided chief surveys; Can guess the high resolve, the cherished pain Of him whom passion rivets to the plain, 1820.]

but for such perfection of hanging arm and leaned thigh as leaves passion breathless and fain of tears, is now, if I take up the book and read, weary and ragged as a spider's web, that has hung the winter through in the dusty, forgotten corner of a forgotten room.

Even if a voice full of passion doth corrupt thine ears to hearing tones that are vibrantless of love."

To what act in the passion drama had her love come to-night as she floated round the room, with her head inclined towards her lover's breast, the strong pulsation of his heart sounding in her ear, like the rhythmical beat of the basses yonder in Waldteufel's last waltz?

She's too much thy Superior to comply, And too too fair to let thy Passion dye.

In floods of passion ebb and flow; Within, as in a shrine, is burning, Reflecting fires of long ago, A stormy life's calm afterglow.

Remember that, whether for liberty or whether for love, passion effloresces in the human beingno matter when, where, or howwith every spring's return.

When she can love to a discovery, It shows her Passion eminent and high; But I am marriedto a Maid that hates me: What help for that, Pisaro?

Is this the way you let a passion end that still fills my life!...

Every inundation of passion enriches and gives us a deeper soil.

As to thee, thy brain and marrow passion evermore devours, Prey to memories that haunt thee e'en in visions of the night; And a year shall scarcely pluck thee from thy miserable plight.

we are thus made; passion excuses every thing, transfigures every thing.

* * * * * Yet, nonot words, for they But half can tell love's feeling; Sweet flowers alone can say What passion fears revealing.[066] A once bright rose's withered leaf A towering lily broken Oh, these may paint a grief No words could e'er have spoken.

Time goes by wings,the years flew on, The days had come,the summers gone, And still no loved one came To feed the burning passion flame Still glowing in her heart.

Repeat the tones each changing passion gives, Or mark where nature in thy action lives, Where, in thy pause, she speaks a pang untold!

Although I was afraid, I felt all the passion hate can rouse.

But of all human passions hatred is perhaps the most determined in the prosecution of its designs.

The bland hyena's laugh, The footstep of the elephant, The neck of the giraffe; I love her still, believe me, Though my heart its passion hides; "She is all my fancy painted her,"

The breath of morn Still lingers in the valley; but the bee With restless passion hovers on the wing, Waiting the opening flower, of whose embrace The sun shall be the signal.

PLATONIC LOVE, love between persons of different sexes, in which as being love of soul for soul no sexual passion intermingles; is so named agreeably to the doctrine of Plato, that a man finds his highest happiness when he falls in with another who is his soul's counterpart or complement.

One is naturally astonished at such suicidal courses, but he forgets what a powerful passion jealousy is in the human soul.

On one occasion when the Marquis de Bouillé pointed out to him the danger of some of his plans as placing the higher class at the mercy of the mob, "dirigé par les deux passions les plus actives du coeur humain, l'intérêt et l'amour propre, ... il me répondit froidement, en levant les yeux au ciel, qu'il fallait bien compter sur les vertus morales des hommes.

to what would this unwonted passion lead?

"The princess had bowed her head, and the soft and plenteous waters of her eyes had dried like dew under the midsummer sun; yet still she closed her eyes, for her brain felt fixed and alight with a nameless awe, such as passion lends presentiment.

The fact that he was of an appearance to inspire passion lent color to his statement.

After years of academic work, he was itching to return to volunteering in the rural health and food security spheres, and his overseas sojourn reaffirmed that this is where his true passion lies.

It had passed her by, that clean, spontaneous fusing of two personalities in the biggest passion life holds.

His passion man from his first fall redeem'd; Once more to paradise restored we seem'd; Satan himself was bound, till th'iron chain Our pride did break, and let him loose again.

The agonizing sense Of seeing lore from passion melt Into indifference; The fearful shame that, day by day, Burns onward, still to burn, To have thrown her precious heart away, And met this black return," till death at last closed the scene.