97 Words to use with pearl

Cook a large fat chicken in 3 quarts of water; add 1 onion, 2 carrots and 2 stalks of celery cut into small pieces and 1 cup of pearl barley.

CHAPTER III Inspector Chippenfield, who had come into prominence in the newspapers as the man who had caught the gang who had stolen Lady Gladville's jewelswhich included the most costly pearl necklace in the worldwas placed in charge of the case.

The latter name shows that the admiral had obtained the correct information from the natives of Paria respecting the locality of the pearl-fishery.

In return for this merchandise they obtain camphor, birds' nests, rattans, bêche de mer, pearls, and pearl-shells, coco, tortoise-shell, and wax; but there is no great quantity of these articles to be obtained, perhaps not more than two or three cargoes during the season.

Amongst other discoveries during our absence was a bed of pearl-oysters at the head of the bay, from which the crew of the Dolphin had procured several tons of very fine mother-of-pearl, besides a small number of pearls varying in size from one to four carats.

They all wear khaki, the only difference being that a civilian wears pearl buttons, the soldiers the metal military button with the Imperial Crown stamped on it.

She wore a high-necked gown of some soft, black material, with a little lace at her throat fastened by her only article of jewellery, a pearl pin.

Cracked wheat, pearl wheat, oatmeal, and other course grain preparations to be reheated, require for cooking a half cup of water in addition to the quantity given in the table.

"Zat was ze drink I mix for Paul Gauguin, ze peintre sauvage, here before he go to die in les îsles Marquises," remarked Levy, the millionaire pearl-buyer, as he stood by the table to be introduced to me.

I tried the concentration gag on him for a pearl ring he had on, thinking I had him under the gypsy curse, but there was a person who had the nerve to call herself a lady who had been saying things about me sitting at another table with a Harry who had led me to believe that I was his own little Star of Hope, and I just couldn't get my mind centered.

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The truth of these results is confirmed by the habits of the Indian pearl-divers, who always abstain from every alimentary stimulus previous to their descent into the ocean.

The book just fits in a little japanned box that belonged to my grandmother, in which she used to keep rouge and pearl-powder.

This desertion left Betts no choice between remaining on the pearl island, or of sailing in the brig, which went to sea next day.

The black pearl murders.

The pearl lagoon.

My friend in Vienna, a pearl merchant like myself, assisted Andrews in his endeavor to discover the thief and, being much impressed by the young man's personality, sent me this photograph, asking me to meet him, as I have told you, when he reached America.

Huge, bossy cumuli developed with astonishing rapidity from mere buds, swelling with visible motion into colossal mountains, and piling higher, higher, in long massive ranges, peak beyond peak, dome over dome, with many a picturesque valley and shadowy cave between; while the dark firs and pines of the upper benches of the Sierra were projected against their pearl bosses with exquisite clearness of outline.

"Well, you see, last season we were pearl fishing.

Jones will have a thorough and formal examination within a few daysperhaps to-morrowand if the judge considers that Andrews the pearl thief has been captured, he will be held here pending the arrival from Washington of the extradition paperssay two or three weeks longer.

This Stanza from Beauty, in The Divine Vision, shows his spiritual longing for quiet, peace, and beauty, in which to worship his Creator: "Oh, twilight, fill in pearl dew, each healing drop may bring Some image of the song the Quiet seems to sing.

There are various islands and large pearl banks here; and on the Euphrates, not many miles from these shores, stands Chaldaea.

Instead, there stood on the strand the most beautiful young maidens, dressed in green, trailing satin robes, with pearl crowns upon their heads.

"Pearl-ash requires much labour in its extraction from ashes."Ib., p. 91.

" It was this pet name of two small letters lovingly combined that dotted Mr. Browning's spoken thoughts, as moonbeams fleck the ocean, and seemed the pearl-bead that linked conversation together in one harmonious whole.

97 Words to use with  pearl