93 Words to use with pig

Of course I can't see why pig-iron should be protected, and pigs not.

For hours these uncanny dogs had puzzled me, a score of vicious, hungry brutes that drew the sledges in winter and that picked up a vagabond living in the idle summer by hunting rabbits and raiding the fishermen's flakes and pig-pens and by catching flounders in the sea as the tide ebbed.

" In the present statis of things you want to blow up your nerve, and stand as firm as the rox of Jiberalter, and like BYRON exclaim: "To be or not to be, there's the question; Whether a man feels better to pay big wages for shoemakers, Or to suffer the slings and arrows of everybody, By hirin' Pig-tails for 1/2 price?" Poleticians of the different churches don't endorse our Selestial brother.

Then, being a very kind lady, and liking all the farm animals, the farmer's wife went out in the potato patch and pulled up some pig weed.

Some twenty thernee formed the booty of a chase certainly novel, and possessing perhaps as many elements of peril and excitement as that finest of Earthly sports which the affected cynicism of Anglo-Indian speech degrades by the name of "pig-sticking.

Now Squinty, though he was not the largest of the family of pig children, was by far the smartest.

"So I see," remarked the little guinea pig girl, "but where are you jumping to?

the little pig boy asked.

Beyond him marched Grover, one time butcher at Harwich, a stocky, big-fisted fellow, with a ghastly sword wound, yet red and unhealed on his face, extending from hair to chin, his little pig eyes glinting ugly, and his lips cursing.

SHANKLIN, Frederick M. SEE The pig book for boys and girls.

But there were bits of pig-skin stewed in oil; bean-cakes; steaming buns of wheat-flour, stuffed with dice of fat pork and lumps of sugar; three-cornered rice puddings, no-me boiled in plantain-leaf wrappers; with the last of the whiskey, in green cups.

I was tired, for I had carried most of the milk to the pig troughs after having finished work which grandma and I had always done together; so I sat down under the tree to rest and meditate.

Can it be wondered, then, that we consider him a 'foeman worthy of our steel'? To be a good pig-sticker is a recommendation that wins acceptance everywhere in India.

Keeping along the right wall in the direction of the pig-sties (O! shades of the Black Prince!!!)

An iron will does not imply necessarily ugliness of temper, obstinacy, or pig-headedness.

She told him she suspected one of the slaves, naming him, had stolen it, for she had heard a pig squeal the evening before.

Under the pig-nut tree, by Berta and Elmer Hader.

The famous pig song.

Take an instance from his quiz on the march of intellect: 'Hackney-coachmen from Swift shall reply, if you feel Annoyed at being needlessly shaken; And butchers, of course, be flippant from Steele, And pig-drivers well versed in Bacon.

Oh dear!" squealed Squinty, in his own queer, pig language.

He recalls when wooden slats and tightened ropes were used for bed springs; also the patience of "Aunt Letha" an old woman slave who took care of the children in the neighborhood while their parents worked, and how they enjoyed watching "Uncle Umphrey" tan cow and pig hides.

When we began to dig the potatoes, we found we could not hope to save the whole crop from the disease; we had, therefore, a quantity boiled and put in the pig-tub, and upon these it was fed another month.

"No, pig-head, she has been dead these three years!

THE YORKSHIRE, CALLED ALSO THE OLD LINCOLNSHIRE, was at one time the largest stock of the pig family in England, and perhaps, at that time, the worst.

A Northamptonshire term for goose-grass (Galium aparine) is pig-tail, and the pig-nut (Brunium flexuosum) derived this name from its tubers being a favourite food of pigs, and resembling nuts in size and flavour.

93 Words to use with  pig
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