52 Words to use with pity

" "Well, I hope so, for pity sakes," said Mrs. Bett, and left the room with her daughter.

Nay, methinks better far thou dost love thy cold and cruel prideso must Pentavalon endure her grievous wrongs, and so do I pity her, butmost of allI pity thee, messire!"

For pity melts the mind to love.

If from His nature foes may pity claim, 190 Much more may strangers who ne'er heard His name.

It is a pity mankind is so little addicted to being out of doors after sunset.

Wot a pity men ain't like that with beer.

some pity shew On Cobblers militant below!

age pitiless!" Pity-moving in a common epithet, and we find it afterwards in this play used by young Bruce "My tears, my prayers, my pity-moving moans.

If pity father passion in thee, hang Above Eulalia's tortured loveliness; And for her sake, and in her strength, go forth To do and suffer greatly.

100 See his flush'd cheek with indignation glow, While from his lips the tones of pity flow.

Mighty great pity fur pore Miss Annie dat he ever come h'yar.

And presently I heard her saying to the other aunt that it was a pity girls nowadays were allowed to be impertinent to their elders.

That she, dear she, might take some pleasure of my pain, Pleasure might cause her read, reading might make her know, Knowledge might pity win, and pity grace obtain, I sought fit words to paint the blackest face of woe, Studying inventions fine her wits to entertain; Oft turning others' leaves to see if thence would flow Some fresh and fruitful flower upon my sunburned brain.

A PRAYER (Chant Royal) O MIGHTY Queen, our Lady of the fire, The light, the music, and the honey, all Blent in one Power, one passionate Desire Man calleth Love'Sweet love,' the blessed call: I come a sad-eyed suppliant to thy knee, If thou hast pity, pity grant to me; If thou hast bounty, here a heart I bring For all that bounty 'thirst and hungering.

In accents faltering aye for ruth, Entreats them pity graunt; For als he been a mister wight Betray'd by wandering in the night To tread the circled haunt.

With pity hear, Tahmíneh is my name!

Helen and Amy exchanged glances of compassionate interest, for women always pity invalids, especially if young, comely and of the opposite sex.

One feels most for the sheep and lambs, when the softened fancy recurs to the streams and hedgerows, and pleasant pastures, from whence the woolly exiles have been ejected; and yet the emotion of pity isnot wholly unaccompanied by admiration at the sagacity of the canine disciplinarians that bay them remorselessly forward, and sternly refuse the stragglers permission to make a reconnoissance on the road.

"It's a pity lightning didn't strike the jewelry counter," called another voice; "but if it did, I suppose it would find Lou insulated!

Poor Sophia, I desire no other glory in this world than that of being able to make you feel the sweet that Providence in pity mingles with the bitter of human existence.

While you, fair Princess, in your offspring smile, Supplying charms to the succeeding age, Each heavenly daughter's triumphs we presage; Already see the illustrious youths complain, And pity monarchs doomed to sigh in vain.

Pity money is so ill spent!

That most unhappy age great pity needs, Which to defend itself, new matter pleads; Not from gray hairs authority doth flow, Nor from bald heads, nor from a wrinkled brow, But our past life, when virtuously spent, Must to our age those happy fruits present.

It's a pity niggers will take on so.

"For wretches doom'd in other griefs to pine, "Oft' will benignant hope her ray impart; "And pity oft' from her celestial shrine, "Drop a warm tear upon the fainting heart.

52 Words to use with  pity
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