37 Words to use with plaguing

It seemed as though the world were becoming ignited from that one plague-spot of fire.

But he could not blind himself to the fact that in Finsbury-fields, as well as in the open country to the north of Holborn, plague-pits had been digged and pest-houses erected; and this consideration threw such a gloom over the prospect, that, in order to dispel the effect, he changed the scene by looking towards the west.

Every nostrum sold by the quacks in the streets tempted him; and a few days before, he had expended his last crown in the purchase of a bottle of plague-water.

At one corner of the room, with a part-emptied glass before her, and several articles in her lap, which she hastily pocketed on the entrance of the doctor, sat the plague-nurse, Mother Malmayns; and Leonard thought her, if possible, more villainous-looking than her companions.

I know things (thoughts or things, thoughts are things) of myself which would make every friend I have fly me as a plague patient.

The plague figures are appalling.

All partial evils, like humours, run into that capital plague-sore.

The plague mortality in 1904 (the worst complete year) would only represent, if evenly distributed, a death-rate of about 3 per 1,000.

We'll be carried to the grave in the same plague-cart.

No plague prisoners!

These herrings became a necessary food during Lent, and "Sor et blanc harene frès pouldré (couvert de sel)!" ("Herrings smoked, fresh, and salted!") was the cry of the retailers in the streets of Paris, where this fish became a permanent article of consumption to an extent which can be appreciated from the fact that Saint Louis gave annually nearly seventy thousand herrings to the hospitals, plague-houses, and monasteries.

I please with the plague-venom.

She then spread abundance of eatables before him, and after he had eaten and drank his full, offered him as a treat a little of the plague medicine which she had in reserve.

Old wives, that scarce could with their crutches creep, And little babes, that newly learn'd to speak, Men masterless, that thorough want did weep, All in one voice, with a confused cry, In execrations bann'd you bitterly: Plague follow plague, they cry: he hath undone The good Lord Robert, Earl of Huntington.

"And verily it came to pass that one day, entering my humble abode-room, I saw a plague-rat lying suffering from in extremis and about to give up ghost.

The disease is, in fact, tuberculosis of the skin, and is the most dreadful of all the forms in which the white plague scourges mankindwas, until one day Finsen announced to the world his second discovery, that lupus was cured by the simple application of light.

A plague ship!" said Billy Edwards.

Anyway, he made up his mind to put out the warning for others if they came that way, and over the dead Indian's balsam shelter he planted a sapling, and at the end of the sapling he fastened a strip of red cotton cloththe plague-signal of the North.

where more and more The human race increased, There were cold and heat, and snow and sleet, And troubles never ceased; For wind and rain beat down the grain, And the plague slew man and beast.

And this do I ask for his sake and his lady's sake and for the sake of Pentavalon Duchynot forgetting poor Roger that doth plague thee thus for love of him.

In many accounts occur items for books of prayers "for the Earthquake," or "against the Turke," or "Omelies against the rebells," or "in plague tyme," etc.

There is a story that it was used as a burial place for plague victims in Cuzco, not more than three generations ago!

"There's a bottle of plague vinegar for you.

If he were one that would make jests of you, or plague ye, with making your Religious gravity ridiculous to your Neighbours, then you had some cause to be perplex'd.

"I have been told that if a circle is drawn with a blue sapphire round a plague-blotch, it will fall off.

37 Words to use with  plaguing