50 Words to use with platforms

On the track he placed heavy platform-cars, each car carrying one heavy gun.

" "No; Flo and I have graduated from what is called 'the bronco bunch,' and now do platform work entirely.

The Strack platform readings; arr. by Lilian Holmes Strack.

Had an amicable solution of the slavery issue been possible, this platform committee would have found it, for it labored faithfully to accomplish the miracle.

Lister jumped back and seized the rails above the platform steps as the car lurched forward.

I prefer Nature with wide margins and uncut leaves," she spoke, in her best platform manner.

It could doubtless be shown that the process of change ran parallel to the shrinkage of the "apron" and the transformation of the platform-stage into the picture-stage.

A conductor on the platform cries "Aw-ll a-bor!!... awl aborr!!") TOBY-DOG, (bewildered)

I'd throw out a big bay window in that corner where the jog is, and another on the middle of the north side, and then run a piazza across the west side, and carry the platform round both the bay windows.

He saw a door, and observed that it opened into another room, which in turn could be entered through the platform door behind him.

Mr. Adams is a good platform speaker, and he can give straight shots as a preacher.

On the platform table were arranged prizes to be given for the best playing, singing, and speaking,and also for articles of domestic Welsh manufacture, such as plaids, flannels, and the like.

The vast stones, the walls of masonry, and the subterranean colonnade raised to support the southeast angle of the platform whereon the church is erected are truly wonderful, and may still be seen by penetrating through a small door and descending several flights of steps at the southeast corner of the enclosure.

In him were combined reason and imagination, wide and accurate knowledge, manly courage, a tender and sympathetic nature, a remarkable faculty of expression, and a fervent enthusiasm which made him the best platform orator of his time.

Platform scales.

"You make me very happy," he said quietly; and just then the train stopped with a jerk, and a shuffling bustle of station-platform noises floated in through the open deck transoms of the car.

We will call this platform car number 1.

STUMP ORATOR, one who is ready to take up any question of the day, usually a political one, and harangue upon it from any platform offhand; the class, the whole merely a talking one, form the subject, in a pretty wide reference, of one of Carlyle's scathing "Latter-Day Pamphlets.

An unkind look or word has availed to make me shrink into myself as a snail into its shell, while on the platform opposition makes me speak my best.

That task will not be performed by platform rhetoric or resolutions merely.

Before him rose the pile of churches, and here too, on every platform roof and stair, swarmed the spectators.

Near one side, and boxed in by platform sections as if to keep off draughts, was a second smaller mattress.

Pretty views of the different valleys unfolded to our gaze as we continued on our way, while a splendid vista of villages lay before us when we reached the platform space on which an iron cross is erected, a short way below Sazos.

They do less platform-speaking than Englishwomen do, though many of them study public affairsabout which, to say truth, they have much to learn.

Grey's platform speeches in the summer of 1876-77 brought home the new Radicalism to the feelings of the mass of the electors, and to the number, then considerable, who were not electors.

50 Words to use with  platforms