10 Words to use with pledges

Then the pledge book was brought out and placed on one of the big guns, and about forty signed.

" He produced a pledge-card from his waistcoat-pocket and, smoothing it out on the table, pointed with great pride to his signature.

She is as rich as a Jew, and can advance five thousand rubles at a moment's notice; yet she will take in pledge objects worth as little as a ruble.

Being introduced to him in the large apartment of the magazine store, the Indian King made a long speech; after which an alliance was entered into, and pledge presents interchanged.

The cure was the patent nostrum of pledge-signing, a lying-made-easy invention, which like calomel, seldom had any permanent effect on the disease for which it was given, and never failed to produce another and a worse.

The frank pledge-system, which was worked in country districts, was supplied in towns by the machinery of the guilds,institutions combining the benefit of modern clubs, insurance societies, and trades-unions.

Now, says Nehemiah, remembering all this, bearing in mind the disgrace you are bringing upon the name of Jew, I call upon you at once to give up this practice of mortgaging and pledge-taking.

" "Why not take the pledge agin, Bill?" ses Peter Russet.

For a soul-pledge thou wert by love appointed, In my life's night to guide me to my end; Stedfast and true my heart shall be forever, Like thee, like thee, my steely hearted friend!

I have thrown myself heart and soul into this question because British pledges abstract justice, and religious sentiment coincide.

10 Words to use with  pledges