179 Words to use with pockets

He may lay up in banks a fortune which he intends to try to spend upon himself; or he may say: I am accountable for the pocket-books of the world.

Annual pocket parts, 1926, to be inserted in v. 1-3.

The only result I gained was to get myself well gagged with my own pocket handkerchief, and thrown in a hollow between the dunes.

Vol.1-2; pocket supplements.

When his pocket money of a penny a week was increased to threepence, he felt himself on the high road to wealth, and ere long he was the possessor of a Bible and a grammar, which he set himself to study whenever he could get a spare moment.

The cake fetched a shilling, and Diggory and Vance bid ninepence each for the book and pocket-knife; so Mugford came out of his difficulty without suffering any further loss than what was afterwards made good again by the generosity of his two comrades.

Pocket Classics, Golden Treasury Series, etc. (Macmillan).

(Pocket series, no. 487) © 29Nov23, A771254.

A little pocket compass lay in the palm.

"Don't you want a copy of my little pocket dictionary?

While Duchemin drank and smoked and pored over a pocket-map of the department, a lout of a lad shambled out of the auberge wearing a fixed scowl in no degree mitigated by the sight of the customer.

OKLAHOMA DIGEST, 1890 to date, covering all cases reported in Oklahoma reports and Pacific reporter, with current cumulative pocket service.

The sixteenth century opened with another invention in type, the Italic, which was beautifully exemplified in a pocket edition of Vergil, the first of a portable series of classical works commenced in 1501 at Venice by the celebrated Aldus Manutius, who, after some years of preparation, had entered actively on his career as a printer in 1494, and deservedly ranks as one of the best scholars of any age.

This is called "pocketing" a bill, or "the pocket veto.

Cumulative pocket suppl., vol.

Pocket chart for Boehm flute arc piccolo.

Catherine L. Caffee (W) & Thomas A. Kirby (A); 10Jan68; R426307. CAGG, MILES H. The pocket manual of English diagrams.

I regret to state that by the time we were ready to start our Skipper was half way "Over the Bay," being provided with a pocket pistol charged to the muzzle.

It is a pocket-piece for sudden occasiona keepsake to dote overa charm to spell-bind opposition, and a magnet to attract "whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie.

" "Ask..." "Be so kind as to make a light and find me a pocket flash-lamp if you have one.

The busy speaker's pocket practice book.

[Vest pocket ed.]

The Vest pocket standard dictionary of the English language.

I looked at it more closely, even applying a pocket magnifying-glass.

The colossal scarred monument in the King's River forest mentioned above is burned half through, and I spent a day in making an estimate of its age, clearing away the charred surface with an ax and carefully counting the annual rings with the aid of a pocket-lens.

179 Words to use with  pockets
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