163 Words to use with points

I mean to have my next dress made with a green silk fichu, a moire antique bertha, and little point lace peplums and gussets, just like Miss MESTAYER'S. Won't it be sweet?" All the Counter-Jumpers in the Theatre.

Leveling my weapon, I fired point-blank at itfilling the room with a deafening bang.

How did Sir Arthur Inglewood come on his track?" "Surely, you don't mean?" "Point number four," he resumed imperturbably, "Mrs. Kershaw was never requested to produce a specimen of her husband's handwriting.

"You see that clump of low balsam trees on that point yonder," said my boatman, as we lay upon our oars, pointing in the direction indicated.

" "But what if, as you fear, the Prescotts have a superior aeroplane?" "My dear Mortlake," the pin-point eyes almost closed, and the thin, bloodless lips drew together in a tight line, "if they have a superior machine, we must arrange so that nobody but ourselves is ever aware of the fact.

Until recently, Karnal Singh, the chief ministers point-man in the police department, was normally the one-stop shop for journos for daily information.

The failure occurring first signifies the point of greatest weakness in the specimen under the particular conditions of loading employed (in this case, third-point static loading).

CHURCHILL, S. GARTON. Contract bidding tactics at match point play.

Il dit à la première dame: "Est-il à vous, Madame?Il n'est point-z-à moi, Monsieur.

Having gained the line of foliage which fringed the high tract of land, it was possible to march off at a smart pace without need of taking particular heed to our steps, and we travelled rapidly until having arrived at a point midway between our starting-place and the ruins of Fort Newport.

According to his statement, as high as four plus (about $20) have been paid for a fathom of strouds, and the same for a two-and-a-half point blanket, two plus for a pair of scarlet leggins, &c. 18th.

Five points service.

"Four-point buck," said Copple.

The plow was made of point iron with a wooden handle, not like plows of today for they are of cast iron and steel.

Have you forgotten as you're on point duty?"

Choti had many canvases completed, some six feet long, and he also did excellent silver-point heads of the villagers.

She had never cross-questioned him, never asked him for a single detail, never laboured the subject, nor driven the point home, nor condescended even to try to find out how far things had really gone.

You cannot think a good thought on this subject and communicate it to your neighbours, you cannot make these points topics of discussion in your social circles and more general meetings, without affecting sensibly and speedily the course which the Government of your country will pursue.

Pas tant de belles phrases, mais du pain, du pain, il n'y a point ici de conspirateursnous demandons du pain parceque nous avons saim.

A Point scale of performance tests.

The scapula, or shoulder-blade, is a flat, triangular bone, placed point downwards, and lying on the upper and back part of the chest, over the ribs.

Quelque chose en tombe Qu'on n'a point lavé.

Point counter point.

Since no first choice story won the prize, the Committee resorted, as in former years, to the point system, according to which the leader is "The Heart of Little Shikara," by Edison Marshall.

Bill carefully centered the latter instrument, sharpened his pencil and marked the angle; then placing the straight edge on the point C and the degree mark he extended the line until it crossed the other outward line.

163 Words to use with  points
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