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It was that well-known portrait painter, Andrew Smee, Esq., R.A., who recommended Gandish to Colonel Newcome one day when the two gentleman met at dinner at Lady Ann Newcome's.

There is no path left to immortality, or bread either, now for us poor artists but portrait-painting.'

What I do know is that when Ruth Bellingham entered the reading-room she appeared in comparison with these like a creature of another order; even as the head of Antinous, which formerly stood (it has since been moved) amidst the portrait-busts of the Roman Emperors, seemed like the head of a god set in a portrait gallery of illustrious baboons.

" Grecian statuary began with ideal representations of deities; then it produced the figures of gods and goddesses in mortal forms; then the portrait-statues of distinguished men.

The portrait gallery of Charles Dickens is crowded with hypocrites.

Portrait drawings by Orre Nobles.

She indicated a fragment of a coloured relief labelled: "Portion of a painted stone tablet with a portrait figure of Amen-hetep IV," and we stopped to look at the frail, effeminate figure of the great king, with his large cranium, his queer, pointed chin and the Aten rays stretching out their weird hands as if caressing him.

The construction of portrait lenses was next gone into, the influence of the negative element of the back lens being especially noted.

But we have made it so small and ladylike that it has none of the emotional force of the glorious portrait heads of France or Switzerland.

"And John Markham?" "Is Philidor, portrait artist, by appointment to the proletariat of France, at two francs the head.

LANGLEY, ERNEST F. Romantic figures in pen and color; a French portrait album of a century ago.

A Mandoor, or head of one of the campongs, showed me some women's stockings, several of which were marked with the letters S.W.; also two chemises, one with the letters S.W.; two flannel petticoats, a miniature portrait frame (the picture was in the rajah's house,) with many articles of dress of both sexes.

Portraits sans modeles.

The literary spotlight, with a pref. by John Farrar; with portrait caricatures by William Gropper.

" It is possible that the highest type of portrait-sculpture is beyond the limit of this specialty; indeed, it is almost impossible that with the elements constituting it there should be associated the still rarer power to achieve the most exalted ideal Art; and such Art we believe the highest portraiture to be.

A Bibliography of the Theophrastan character in English with several portrait characters.

18 portrait illus.

So there was renewed battle at home, till at last a couple of portrait commissions from a big house near Kendal clinched the matter.

Portrait sketches by K. Alexander.

With these he passes at a bound from one-man stories, portrait studies of eccentric characters in a remote or restricted environment, to group subjects, chosen from centres of life and culture in Christiania.

The escutcheon below his portrait bears, very suitably, three loaded muskets rampant.

We may note the characteristic treatment of the hair, the thoughtful look in the eyes, and the strong light on the face in contrast to the dark frame of hair, points which this portrait shares in common with the "Knight of Malta" in the Uffizi.

Their portraits simper from shop windows; and they live and die respected.

We shall not, however, impair the pleasure of the reader by giving him a foretaste of the whole plot of Penelope; but we shall rather confine ourselves to a few portrait-specimens of characters, whose drawing will, we hope, attract the general reader; presuming, as we do, that its claims to his attention will be found to outweigh dozens of the scandalous chronicles of high fashion.

Spencer Barnoem declaravit, portrait woodcut Tubing.

50 Words to use with  portrait