99 Words to use with pots

For pot culture, about the end of March put two roots in an 11-in.

The king was obliged to mend this sad state of affairs, and send to Holland for a gardener in order to cultivate those pot-herbs, in the growth of which England is now, perhaps, not behind any other country in Europe.

From his conversation he might have been in a pot house.

INGREDIENTS.1/2 a calf's head, 1 onion stuck with cloves, a very small bunch of sweet herbs, 2 blades of mace, salt and white pepper to taste, 6 oz. of rice-flour, 3 tablespoonfuls of ketchup, 3 quarts of white stock, No. 107, or pot-liquor, or water.

By this we do not mean that you are to set up in business as a taxidermist, but that you are boundif a true sportsmanto protect the song birds, and the birds that are useful in destroying noxious vermin, and all the beautiful feathered creatures that ornament our woods, and fields, and parks, from the depredations of the ignorant, loutish, pestilent, pernicious pot-hunter.

Some persons draw pictures on their pads or put pot-hooks on their lettersfor talent variesor they roughen up their hair.

He had the same sensation that possessed him when he was crawling to get a pot-shot at a flock of wild geese.

Were this, sir, the only annoyance to which I am subjected, my wrath would probably expend itself in a little growling, but hardly have I reposed myself upon my couch, ere my ear catches an infernal tooting and twanging and whispering, and a broken-winded German band, engaged by an admirer of my REBECCA, strikes up some outrageous pot pourri, or something of that sort, and sleep, disgusted, flees my pillow.

Still, this was the first experiment; she would go down to the hall again and make sure that the couches were in position, the cushions shaken up, the pot-plants placed around the fountain so accurately that Endymion's nice eye for small comforts could detect no excuse for saying, "I told you so.

At lunch he apologized for only offering his father and brother a bachelor's pot-luck, though, truth to tell, the fare was excellent.

For, instead of finding rest at once, like the snow which falls into the tranquil depths of the forests, it is rolled over and over, beaten against rock-ridges, and swirled in pits and hollows, like boulders, pebbles, and sand in the pot-holes of a river, until finally the delicate angles of the crystals are worn off, and the whole mass is reduced to dust.

We have lots of strawberries and cream, pot-cheese, Johnny-cakes, and there are always eggs and milk at our service.

There was a great crowd, of course, but I kept my eye on John's tall chimney-pot hat, knowing that while I saw that I should not lose John.

shopmate, fellow-worker, shipmate, messmate^; fellow companion, boon companion, pot companion; copartner, partner, senior partner, junior partner.

As an instructor in the University he not only received a small salary which relieved him, in a measure, from the grinding necessity of painting pot-boilers, but he had assigned to him spacious rooms in the building on Washington Square, which he could utilize not only as studio and living apartments, but as a workshop.

Then her veel pot-pies and ingin puddins are just rats.

For this wash well a cupful good fresh pot barley, bring to boil in plenty of water, pour that off and put on with clean cold water.

Dey had pot likker an' ash cake an' such things as would make 'em grow.

She thinks that your pot-boiling is a desperate and barely sufficient expedient to keep the wolf from the door.

Serve hot with a beef pot roast. 27.Vienna Milk Rolls.

FISHER, AILEEN L. The coffee-pot face; a book of children's verses.

The pot hook trail.

Down that waynothing but pot-banks and chimneys belching fire and dust into the face of heaven...

"I suppose that is it," said Maggie, lifting the tea-pot lid and looking in.

She knew that money was power, that a man might begin life as a pot-boy or a greengrocer, a knacker or a dust contractor, and climb to the topmost pinnacles, were he only rich enough.

99 Words to use with  pots
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