15 Words to use with prays

" "And where, pray tell, is Chilepepperland?"

Pray you let's haue no words of this: [Sidenote: Pray lets]

The children have all nice, neat little clasped pray-books, and I have laid out 7s.

Ah had heard ole fokes talk bout when yo go ter pray chains and things would track yer tenshun.

If your engagements will permit, pray come to me to-day, to-morrow, or the next day; but, pray defer as little as possible.

Theis wordes would goe well to a tune; pray letts heare you sing.

"He had no great parts (pray mind, this was the parson said so, not I), but he had great virtues; indeed, they degenerated into vices: he was very generous, but I hear his generosity has ruined a great many people: and then his condescension was such, that he kept very bad company.

"Pray remember, Jason, I have only two cheeks, and I can recall no biblical law to follow if you should strike again.

'Should anything occur requiring my presence earlier, pray ride or send off for me.'

" "I cannot see" "Pray stop, Nelly.

I, I, that's well; pray sweare.

"Pray understand, Mr. Bartley, that this is my last visit to your mine.

to relate each case. Not to detain you longer, pray attend, The issue of all this: Should Jove descend, And grant to every man his rash demand, To run his lengths with a neglectful hand; First, grant the harass'd warrior a release, Bid him to trade, and try the faithless seas, To purchase treasure and declining ease: Next, call the pleader from his learned strife, To the calm blessings of a country life:

But to the pray whenas he drew more ny, His bloody rage aswaged with remorse,

And yet should any of these "no forsooths," These pray-aways, these trip-and-goes, these tits, Deny me, now by these A plague upon this bottle and this cup, I cannot act mine oath!

15 Words to use with  prays