15 Words to use with prejudices

SEE Hughes, Rupert. Freed from old prejudices modern wife combines home life and chosen career.

It was not until the arrival of the present excellent Rector, that this "prejudice bell" was silenced.

But most of all did this wicked prejudice delight to display itself in the churches.

And when you are growing patient and calm, when your petulances, tempers, and irritabilities are passing away from you, and the more powerful lusts and prejudices cease to dominate and enslave you, then you will know that the divine is awakening within you, that you are drawing near to the eternal Heart, that you are not far from that selfless Love, the possession of which is peace and immortality.

The increasing race prejudice forces the whites to restrict their open dealing with the blacks to matters of service and business, maintaining even then the bearing of one in a sphere which the Negroes must not penetrate.

His most insistent prejudices foreshadow in their essential sanity and justness those of that great master of life, Dr. Johnson.

what makes you tell so? "You see," he said, blushing and stammering, "you see, miss, I had a sort of a prejudice agin town gals in them air days, I thought they was all stuck up and proud like; I didn' think thethewellyou know I don't mean no harm nur

It was untrammelled, equally by the prejudices incident to a factitious condition of society, or by their reaction; two circumstances that often obscured the sense and candour of those to whom she had so often listened with pleasure in other countries.

Yes, how irresistibly are we led to contemplate the woes which iron-hearted prejudice inflicts on the oppressed of our land, the hidden sorrows they endurethe full cup of bitterness which is wrung out to them by the hands of professed followers of Him who is no respecter of persons.

And, as spoken by man to man in England in the nineteenth century, I consider them calculated to prejudice inquirers, to frighten the unlearned, to unsettle consciences, to provoke blasphemy, and to work the loss of souls.

," said Dawson Gordon, the Protestant president of the Irish Textile Federation, as we talked in the dark little union headquarters where shawled spinners and weavers were coming in with their big copper dues, "I have heard stories that were so much fuel on the prejudice pile.

On the other hand, prejudice strikes savagely at our State appropriations.

He cannot discern the true way, but is blinded with prejudice thereat, and full of mistakes.

It is only among those peoples which are too low to be able to experience sentimental love anyway that this formidable obstacle of class prejudice vanishes, while race and tribal hatred remain in full force.

His daring hope, no fire's example bounds; His first-born nights no prejudice confounds.

15 Words to use with  prejudices