46 Words to use with priest

The priest-prophet Ezekiel was the interpreter, pastor, and guide of the Babylonian exiles.

Judas established a dynasty of priest-kings, which lasted until supplanted by Herod, with the aid of the Romans, in B.C. 40; and gave by his genuinely heroic bearing his name to this whole glorious epoch of Jewish history.)

If Monsignor and Father Jervis both consent, I should like the Examen to be forwarded to a priest-doctor for a few weeks.

CHAPTER XV [A scientific priest-poet.]

The red head of "Bill King," afterwards post-master of the U.S. House of Representatives, arose, like the burning bush at the foot of Mount Horeb, and his stentorian voice poured forth such a torrent of denunciation on priest-craft, such a flood of solid swearing against the insolence and tyranny of ecclesiasticism, that people were surprised into inactivity, until Mr. Babbitt got the woman in his carriage and drove off with her.

It may be well enough for a priest-caste to busy itself with such things in a twilight of mystery.

Thus, missioners giving missions or parish retreats are excused from the whole Office; so, too, are priest combatants in the battle line; but when in rest camps they are bound to say the Hours.

whyI know I've heard things told to me that ha' made me feel as a priest hearing confession must.

Just soYou know their rage for shaven crowns How they'll deny their Godbut not their priest Flirtsscandal-mongersin default of both come Platonic loveworship of art and genius Idols which make them dream of heaven, as girls Dream of their sweethearts, when they sleep on bridecake.

On the morning of the 13th of October, I bade the obliging priest farewell, and with my attendant, who, by this time was quite recovered, began my journey back to Novo Friburgo, and, in this instance, although I pursued the same road, was only three days instead of four on the way.

It is Homais; to him is the most comic rôle given, because he is the most true, because he best paints our sceptical epoch, a fury whom we call a priest-hater.

Full oft the ponderous axe on high the priest hath raised, In consecration o'er the earth-bowed victim's neck.

Wilt thou not find some way to bring a priest hither?

Father Moran at once objected that the ash-tree had not yet sent down a branch to pierce the priest-killer's heart. 'Not yet; but this branch nearly touches the ground, and there's no saying that it won't take root in a few years.'

But for priests, long past the student stage, it is difficult to undo the fixed liturgy lore of their student and early priest life; and the need of such a book as The New Psalter and its Uses is, for those interested, a necessity.

The terrible Quasimodo threw himself from his barrow, and everyone expected to see him tear the priest limb from limb.

'I'd cut the livers out of the likes of them.' 'Now will you mind what you're sayin', and the priest listenin' to you?' 'Your reverence, will the child be always a Protestant?

An' so they're goin' to live over there,' says he, 'or rather to die over there,' says he, 'an' there'll be some strange priest lookin' afther them at the last,' he says.

On the earth they are not aware of this; but even with us a priest ministers in whatever relates to betrothings, or marriage contracts, and hears, receives, confirms, and consecrates the consent of the parties.

There was a priest-musician, George de la Hèle, who about 1585 gave up a lucrative benefice to marry a woman dowered with the name Madalena Guabaelaraoen.

Their estancia houses display all the comforts of an American or English home; their hospitality is proverbial; and most of them have built on their land fine schools and beautiful little chapels, in which the nearest Irish priest officiates.

Perhaps this prince may have been converted by the Nestorian Christians, and may even have received priests orders.

This promotion proved, however, too rapid for the vanity of Cinq-Mars: who no sooner saw himself in a position so brilliant as to excite the envy of half the Court than, with a self-confidence fatal to the interests of Richelieu, he once more sought deliverance from the yoke of his priest-patron, and devoted himself so earnestly to the service of Louis that ere long the King found his companionship indispensable.

It is unfortunate that so many rural priests place but little value upon religious antiquities other than images and relics which have a legend.

And, lord, by reason of the matter of the ass, I do know this priest prolific of damnatory pronouncements and curses contumacious (O verily).

46 Words to use with  priest