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10 Words to use with prima

The other sopranos would feel complimented to have a prima-donna with a face like a full moon and hands like a blacksmith's foisted upon them!

The evidence established a strong prima facie case against both, and Nalini Babu reserved his defence.

The prima facies of the former is not likely to be admired, since its few excellencies require to be selected by nice observation.

scilicet, ut non Sit mihi prima fides; et vere quod placet, ut non Acriter elatrem, pretium ætas altera sordet.

Vulgate, c, e, f, ff of the Old Latin, Syr. Crt. and Pst. &c. against B, D (prima manu), a, b, Memph.

In the shepherd-play known as prima pastorum the comic element consists mostly in quarrels and feasting among the shepherds, but in the secunda pastorum it constitutes a regular little three-scene farce, which at its date was absolutely unique in literature.

Pecunia prima quaerenda, virtus post nummos.

¡cómo ha cambiado!" A scene at the Teatro Real with Señor Espin y Guillén in a small group behind the scenes, and a prima donna singing.

The prima stamina of the modern fruit-pudding really appear to be found in the ancient bag-pudding, of which Tom Thumb had such excellent reason to be acquainted with the contents.

" The other is upon Epictetus, the Stoick philosopher: [Greek: Doulos Epiktaetos genomaen, kai som anapaeros, Kai peniaen Iros, kai philos Athanatois.] "Servus Epictetus, mutilatus corpore, vixi Pauperieque Irus, curaque prima deum.

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