30 Words to use with profits

Gilman, Profit-sharing between Employer and Employed (Macmillan).

Departmentize for better profit control.

A way to sell service stations and A profit picture to service stations.

The druid persisted:"What profits blossom without fruit?"

Despite his lack of training Samarendra Babu had great capacities for business, and seldom lost a chance of profit-making.

The property-owning class is continually accusing labour of being ignorant, suspicious, and difficult; it is blind to the fact that it is itself profit-seeking by habit, greedy, conceited, and half educated.

When the working days are over, the profit days are over, and how few in any country are willing to support an animal which is past labor?

They knew, for instance, that their farm values were a third higher because of the presence of the church and its work, but they would find that the profit motive was not big enough to keep the church going.

In the same year, the total excess profits tax was £290,000,000 and Ireland's proportion was slightly less than for the income tax.

Incidence of excess profits taxation.

Small profit hast thou of a weak old man.

Where competition is unusually keen and profit margins are low, cooperation is less likely to be of service than where the opposite is the case.

Firms which are shielded from the full force of the competition of capital by the possession of some patent or trade secret, some special advantage in natural resources, locality, or command of markets, are generally in a position which will enable them to reap a rate of profit, the excess of which beyond the ordinary rate of profit measures the value of the practical monopoly they possess.

The oil industry and its representatives (some now elected in government) are, for example, incapable of understanding a profit model that does not involve the exploitation of a fixed and limited resources.

"Hoo is it, Jeemes, that you mak' sic an enairmous profit aff yer potatoes?

The nation should therefore derive the profit proceeding from the continual rise in their value.

mari savait-il l'art de tirer profit d'une habile réclame? 55.

So he, too, the most dextrous, That to robbers and scoundrels, Yea, and to all profit-seekers, He a favoring god might be,

As traders love the merchandize from which their profit springs: Old age came by, with tott'ring step, and, for the sordid gold With which the dotard urged his suit, the maiden's peace was sold And thus (for oh!

Now, if this light, or spirit of truth, 'a manifestation of which is given to every man to profit withal,' should be found testifying in your consciences against injustice and oppression, regard its admonitions!

Ne reach, no breach, that might him profit bring, But he the same did to his purpose wring.

This drapery, no profit bringing, can only for thy shame avail.

Where's the profit comin' from, on one cent, I'd like to know?

We now come to the specific fields in which we may with profit cultivate words in combination.

A Government asks for your money and promises to pay a rate for it, whether the object on which the money is spent be profit-earning or no,

30 Words to use with  profits
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