15 Words to use with punch

This view of the "fossle" so delighted the company that, acting on a sudden impulse, they pushed the punch-bowl out of the way, and, with a whoop, hoisted the huge thing on the table.

IBM electric punched card accounting machines, customer engineering annual of instruction, automatic reproducing punch type 513.

SEE ACKLEY, B. D. ROWE, LESLIE L. Improvement in punch cards.

On the inhabitants, as might be apprehended, such pageants have long since lost all their influence; and I have seen a line extending down a whole street, without deranging a single lounger from his seat, or interrupting for an instant the pleasures of ice-eating and punch-drinking, which generally takes place in the open air.

When ready to serve, half-fill small punch glasses with the custard, heap over them sweetened whipped cream, flavored; putting on top of each glass, and serve cold.

"It is that portion of a railroad ticket which a conductor's punch bites out, and which litters the floor and the seats in trains.

Punch jelly is made in the same way.

It was the punch line of a war story.

The legitimate punch-makers, however, consider it a compound of four articles only; and some learned physicians have, therefore, named it Diapente (from Diatesseron,) and have given it according to the following prescription Rum, miscetur aquadulci miscetur acetum, fiet et ex tali foederenobile Punch.

Now, bring the fly wheel to the point at which the tram, when placed at its proper place on block, the hook end, or point, will touch this punch mark, and you will have one of the exact dead centers.

To convert this into punch sauce, add to the sherry and brandy a small wineglassful of rum and the juice and grated rind of 1/2 lemon.

Suggestive of the days when colonial belles were toasted about Shirley's table, are the old punch bowl and the punch strainer and the wine coasters; though a more noteworthy object, having the same associations, is an antique mahogany wine chest with many of the original cut glass bottles still in its compartments.

This was the ordinary drink of poor Englishmen in India for a longtime, and public "Punch-houses" existed in every settlement of the East India Company.

The captain had no notion that so excellent a punch brewer as Terrence should be lost, and insisted that he go with the first boatload.

Then, looking down at Mac's punch-cup, he remembered his grievance, and took up the wail where he had left it off.

15 Words to use with  punch