9 Words to use with raises

He that sits not upon a seat the occupation of which is calculated raise alarm in the minds of malicious people, is alone worthy of dwelling in a royal household.

Your brer Sam can stay here an' raise butter, chickens, eggs, pigs, an'an'an' so forth.

[Raises curtain wish right hand.

cause desire, create desire, raise desire, excite desire, provoke desire; whet the appetite; appetize^, titillate, allure, attract, take one's fancy, tempt; hold out temptation, hold out allurement; tantalize, make one's mouth water, faire venir l'eau

Many times have I gone from Allan Bank in Grasmere Vale, where we were then residing, to the top of Raise-gap, as it is called, so late as two o'clock in the morning, to meet the carrier bringing the newspapers from Keswick.

'No,' sezee, 'I's much erbleedzd, but I doan raise niggers; I raises hosses, en I doan wanter be both'rin' wid no nigger babies.

[g]Let such raise palaces, and manors buy, Collect a tax, or farm a lottery; With warbling eunuchs fill a [C]licens'd

Being at raise pistol (right hand grasping stock at the height of and 6 inches in front of the point of the right shoulder, forefinger alongside barrel, barrel to the rear and inclined forward about 30°).

Still, certain State constitutions, as that of South Carolina, provide absolutely that all trades may be made subject to a tax, and the tendencyparticularly in the Southto raise revenue in this way is increasing by leaps and bounds.

9 Words to use with  raises