82 Words to use with ranging

"There is one isolated bunch of mountain sheep on the Colorado Desert, situated in Fremont and Sweetwater counties, Wyo., which seems to be holding its own against many range riders, meat and specimen hunters, as well as coyotes.

the Ramblin' Kid breathed, "with a bunch of Tony Malush's Anchor Bar mares and colts!" Captain Jack saw the range horses and lifted his head.

The decision of the peace terms to be imposed on the enemy was to be taken in a city which a few months before, one might really say a few weeks before, had been under the fire of the long-range guns invented by the Germans, in hourly dread of enemy aeroplanes.

ATWELL, C. R. Wide range vocabulary test.

She walked quickly through the firs and stood on the edge of the open range-land, beyond and below which began the dark ridge of the primeval woods.

The heavies could get in long-range fire from Kustul, but what thought the 18-pounder batteries?

All day long the range cattle, about three hundred in number had searched the river bottom for the grass which the heavy snowfall of the night before had covered; searched eagerly, nervously all the while, bawling, ill-naturedly pushing and horning, blaming each other in a perfectly human way.

Gupis is a fort built by the Kashmir troops last year, on the most scientific principle, the only drawback being that it is commanded on all sides, and would be perfectly untenable if attacked by three men and a boy armed with accurate long-range rifles.

Its church, used as a range-finder, apparently, was a gray honeycomb from which each day a few shells took another bite.

"Or else she confessed to being a Bolshevik or local-optionist or something and the news broke his heart," Charley volunteered, joining in the baiting of the range-boss.

We were within a long-range shot of the Forts; and if shot or shell had dropped among the boats and men who were huddled up on the edge of the mud-bank, it would have been inconvenient.

Last of the range war outcasts.

Free-range venture.

"Prather went by the range trail, of course?"

By these range lines and township lines the whole land is thus divided into townships just six miles square, and the townships are all numbered.

Range saddles to be used.

For one thing, it is commanded by the heights of the Misericordia; and there was, in fact, some long-range firing between the insurgents and the Guardia Municipal stationed on that eminence.

The elemental atmosphere of the range country had completely enveloped her, seemed to have absorbed her, and made her a part of it.

I'll take the range-taker with me.

These conditions were disconcerting to good shooting, the lower temperatures not having been contemplated by those who compiled our range table in England.

And all the range stuff, yuh saidten thousand head, and" "I believe he is reserving some thoroughbred stock which he has bought in the last year or two.

Whenever necessary and practicable, the captain assembles the range estimators, points out the target to them, and adopts the mean of their estimates.

WIEGAND (EDWIN L.) CO. Chromalox electric range units.

ON THE WESTERN FRONT Artillery fighting with mortars and long-range cannon was a continuous performance during December and January in nearly every section of the western battle line.

Smaller heads, longer necks, more sloping shoulders, told of good blood crossed on the range stock.

82 Words to use with  ranging
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