33 Words to use with raspberry

" The urchin rubbed the raspberry jam off his mouth, and said, "It don't matter, sir, for I've got lots more.

Strawberry and black raspberry juice make better jelly if a little lemon juice is used.

the fine, thick raspberry bushes used to be there."

Nay, be advised: No hardship irks the lady, save to sit At home and feed her sparrows; nor no worse Annoy than from her balcony to spy (Should the eye rove) a Switzer of the Guard At post between her raspberry-canes, to watch

INGREDIENTS.3/4 pint of milk, 3/4 pint of cream, 1-1/2 oz. of isinglass, raspberry jelly, sugar to taste, 2 tablespoonfuls of brandy.

KING, HENRIETTE L. M. The raspberry tree and other poems.


Here, a man who takes in the Quarterly or Edinburgh, is a literary character; the lady who has one head-dress in the year from a Bond-street milliner, becomes the oracle of fashion, "the observed of all observers;" here dinners are talked of as excellent, at which neither French dishes nor French wines were given, and a little raspberry ice would confer wide celebrity on an evening party, and excite much animadversion and surprise.

After that day's school I met my little protege in the neighbourhood of the pastry cook's, regaling himself with raspberry tarts.

The agitation is continued in the same manner until the butter comes; after which it is fit for drinking, and has a pungent yet pleasant taste, like raspberry wine, leaving a flavour on the palate like almond milk.

Put a large block of ice in a punch bowl, add the above ingredients with a wine glass of Maraschino, two tumblers of sauterne, a wine glass of raspberry syrup, and last of all, one quart of champagne, a few whole straw-berries and a claret glass of Benedictine may also be added.

Each day he modelled hundreds of these raspberry pots, moulding them upon the wheel which turned like a sun beneath the pressure of his agile foot.

On one side was a grass-plot encroached upon by numerous raspberry vines.

3. Baked raspberry pudding. 2046.

Out of this she takes a bowl of chicken broth, a jar of ambrosial jelly, a cake of delectable honey and a bottle of celestial raspberry shrub.

You get dandy raspberry sodas in Peekskill.

It holds in its mazes stray bits of color,scarlet berries, evergreen sprigs, blue raspberry-stems, and sprays of yellow willow; glittering necklaces and wreaths and tiaras of brilliant ice-work cling and trail around its edges, and no regal palace shines with such carcanets of jewels as this winter ball-room of the dancing drops.

But he snuggled down patiently, and looked forward to the time when the Boy should be well again, and they would go out in the garden amongst the flowers and the butterflies and play splendid games in the raspberry thicket like they used to.

"We hope to have you, and your wife and children, come and pay us a visit this coming summer,say in raspberry time, which will be just after haying.

The hero, who starts life as an artificial raspberry-pip maker and amasses a colossal fortune in the Argentine grain trade, marries a poor seamstress in his struggling days, but deserts her for a brilliant variety actress, who is in turn deposed by (1) the daughter of a dean, (2) the daughter of an earl, and (3) the daughter of a duke.

The room was becomingly rose-illumined and somewhat dim, so that some minutes had passed before she realised that a man seated on a raspberry brocade settee not five feet awaya man with a walking stick, and yellow gloves, and tan spats, and a check suitwas her brother Jo.

We had a lovely raspberry layer cake when Mr. Von Dalin was here, and I never thought to bring over a mite!

And in minced a whole troupe of near-French furnishings; cream enamel beds, cane-backed; spindle-legged dressing tables before which it was impossible to dress; perilous chairs with raspberry complexions.

She was a little girl, short and plump, but with merry eyes and so bright a stain upon either cheek that it seemed as if she had been eating raspberry conserve, and had wiped her fingers upon the smiling plumpness there.

Now'fo' you start, doctorI ain't got a thing stronger 'n raspberry corjal in the housebut ef you'll drink a glass o' that with me?

33 Words to use with  raspberry