12 Words to use with ratings

SEE Wood, William P. CORNELL, ETHEL L. Rating scale for school habits.

Behavior rating schedules.

So you're going to college; including the Lovejoy college rating guide.

The C-L humor test (a humor rating quiz), form B. By Raymond Bernard Cattell & Lester Bernard Luborsky.

Schedule for rating tanks and liquid contents, not applying to petroleum and/or its products, benzol and similar volatile and flammable products of coal tar, including the hazard of inherent explosion, February 1935.

Activity vector analysis, self rating form.

However, if we can get a rating sight for our watches to-morrow we shall be independent of the tracks at a pinch.

Employee progress rating plan.

Rembert Bularzik (A); 7Feb58; R208439. HAGGERTY, MELVIN E. Behavior rating schudules, by Melvin E. Haggerty, E. K. Wickman and Willard C. Olson.

SEE Aubert De La Rue, E. RUFF, C. A. The debit-credit fire insurance rating system.

So, too, when Richard Fynsett of Clayton, Sussex, was "detected" to the official for not paying his rate for church repairs, November, 1595, he appeared and claimed that not only was his rating excessive, but that the assessment had not been according to custom, to wit, made by the majority of the parishioners.

We were detained at Hobart till the 19th, the bad state of the weather rendering it impossible to complete the requisite observations for rating chronometers, etc. MOUNT WELLINGTON.

12 Words to use with  ratings
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