45 Words to use with realities

Many forces were at work determining the development of the form, and these it is difficult so to present as at once to leave a clear impression and yet not to allow any one element to usurp an importance it does not in reality possess.

If the old hair is pulled out only when it is old, there is no difficulty about it, and no hurt whatever is occasioned to the dog, who does not in reality object at all.

It is not because I am a coward, for there are few men who are in reality braver than I am.

His is, indeed, a life of envious joy; Hope and anticipation, on the wing, To him no sad realities e'er bring!

I entreat you, check, as is due to your eminent wisdom, this report, and do not seem to be desirous of that which you do not in reality care about.

But the succession of perceptions is not always the sure indication of an actual succession: the trees along an avenue are perceived one after the other, while they are in reality coexistent.

In reality competition is rarely quite complete on both sides, and when it is not the weak usually suffer.

The visitor to such a foundry is shown medals that have been granted for excellence of work exhibited in Vienna, and may see machines in process of construction which will be used upon the Continent; so that the village machinist, though apparently isolated, with nothing but fields around him, has in reality competitors upon every side.

The Hawaiian features of the refreshments were Hawaiian pineapple salad and little imitation volcanoes which were in reality cones of vanilla ice-cream in the center of which holes had been scooped and then filled with hot caramel sauce, which of course overflowed the sides in true lava fashion.

As mentioned when describing the first interphalangeal articulation, these are in reality continuations of the lateral ligaments of that joint.

Believing that much of the criticism of the Covenant was in reality criticism of him as its author, a belief that was in a measure justified, the President made it a personal matter.

To direct what cannot be done is surely in its own nature absurd and contemptible, and on this occasion will expose not only our understanding but our honesty to doubts; for it will be imagined, that we are only endeavouring to make false shows of caution and accuracy, and that we in reality desire to determine without the concurrence of those whose presence

That which we commonly term duties toward animals, likewise the so-called duties toward God, are in reality duties toward ourselves.

Out of the realm of logical shades, wherein the souls of all reality dwell, we move into the sphere of external, sensuous existence, in which the concepts take on material form.

All these bright, laughing voyageurs, playmates of her childhood, were in reality executioners of a savage blood-law.

The perishable in the universe can never become permanent; the permanent can never pass away; the mortal can never become immortal; the immortal can never die; the temporal cannot become eternal nor the eternal become temporal; appearance can never become reality, nor reality fade into appearance; error can never become Truth, nor can Truth become error.

Lines of fresh earth so long that you mistook them for trenches intended to conceal regiments were in reality graves.

It might well rank as one of the episodes of the civil war then raging in Kansas, out of which it had in reality grown, and with which it was intertwined in motive, act, and comment.

That their authority might be exposed to less danger, he carried over with him all the most considerable nobility of England, who, while they served to grace his court by their presence and magnificent retinues, were in reality hostages for the fidelity of the nation.

If I may tell you some of the things which have happened to me, you will understand why I have become convinced that in this world of realities imagination must always take a second place.

Reality impresses, while conventionality is apt to bore.

The empiricists described it as a process of comparison and discrimination, as the mere perception and recognition of the relations and connections already existing between ideas; while in reality judgment does not discover the relations and connections of representations, but itself establishes them.

She was in reality kind to everybody, liking to see pleasant faces about her.

The neighborhood of Patriarshi Prudy (a park and street in Moscow) looks quiet and peaceful, but in reality life there is hell.

Suddenly it seemed that what he had mistaken for self-sufficiency had been in reality loneliness.

45 Words to use with  realities