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92 Words to use with records

"The ache ought to stop in ten minutes, sir," continued the surgeon, turning to enter some memoranda in his record book.

The Fellowship record examination for the National Research Council General test of academic ability.

MOSHER, HELEN T. The Terman record form for the Stanford revision of the Binet-Simon tests.

groaned the record-breaker.

Seven minutes had been the record time for the five-mile sail over the ice to Bleak Hill, but Samuel and Abe, both vowing delightedly that the skipper couldn't go too fast for them, stepped into the body of the boat and squatted down on the hard boards.

SEE WRINKLE, WILLIAM L. Diagnostic class record sheet for use with The basic skills in arithmetic.

Congressional record vocabulary.

Taxtimerfarm record system.

Record breaking.

This farm record account book distributed by the Citizens Bank, Springfield, Missouri.

Durrell analysis of reading difficulty Individual record blank for grades 1-6. NM: p. 1-5, 7, 9-12.

History is full of instances of such conquests, and they were taking place, no doubt, ages before the times from which our earliest records date.

The record number so far was that for September 1916, in the height of the Somme fighting322.

Materials and ideas have reacted, the record shows; materials come upon have begotten strange fantasies.

Louise Townsend Nicholl (A); 23Jun75; R608347. R608348. How to build a record library.

From The Dalles to Shear's bridge on the Deschutes we made a record run.

(In Radio and record songs) © 1Nov35; AA189190.

There are few places where it is permissible to attain record speed, and fewer men who, with safety to others, may be entrusted with the attempt.

In the 1970s, the record industry shrieked that > "home taping is killing music."

[§3388] The register of marriages kept by the clerk is always sufficient to establish marriage, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, but record evidence is not indispensable.

After completing our observations, we fastened the little tent as securely as possible, banking the snow around it, and left it on top, first having placed in it one of the Appalachian Mountain Club's brass record cylinders, in which we had sealed the Yale flag, a contemporary map of Peru, and two brief statements regarding the ascent.

R559157. Victor record catalog.

Walt Disney presents The Grasshopper and the ants; record reader.

Selective record guide.

Individual record card: Form A. © 6Jun22, A678170.

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