39 Words to use with researches

I cannot do scientific research-work, or write the books and papers that I ought.

R137122. 93 and 94, by R. C. Samsel in conjunction with the LaSalle research staff.

Preparing the research paper; a handbook.

Management and the worker; an account of a research program conducted by the Western Electric Company, Hawthorne Works, Chicago.

Profitable practice in industrial research; tested principles of research laboratory organization, administration and operation.

BRADFORD, ERNEST S. Survey and directory marketing research agencies in New York City.

Research studies in individual diagnosis.

STEVENSON, ALLAN H. A research manual with a bibliographical guide to college studies and interests, by Allan H. Stevenson & Cecil B. Williams.

Alice V. Keliher, editor; Franz Hess, Marion LeBron, Rudolf Modley; Beatrice Lewi, research writing.

Beatrice Atlass, research assistant.

Training in community relations; a research exploration toward new group skills.

Katherine Varick had frosty blue eyes, a pale, square-jawed, slightly cynical face, a first in Natural Science, and a chemical research fellowship.

TWENTIETH CENTURY FUND, INC. Stock market control; a summary of the research findings and recommendations of the Security markets survey staff of the Twentieth Century Fund, Inc. Edited by Evans Clark, J. Frederic Dewhurst, Alfred L. Bernheim & Margaret Grant Schneider.

"Guidex" genealogical research guide to principal sources and indexes.

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(International research series)

Readiness for beginning reading; a Silver Burdett research service publication no.9-56-48.

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There are still unblazed trails for the research worker, but these trails are becoming fewer and fewer, as interest in the study of American Drama as a social and artistic force progresses.

William Clark Breckenridge, historical research writer and bibliographer of Missouriana.

no more in vain research persist.

We heard no more of fossil remains after that; though he still pursued his researches privatelyhaving, I believe transferred his expectations from fossil remains to golden treasures.

Indeed, many new models for networked behaviour and collaborative engagement were developed at research facilities dedicated to the advancement of military technology.

Research teams solve problems, map the paths of enterprise.

39 Words to use with  researches