5 Words to use with restless

With his characteristic restless audacity Frémont joined his little company of explorers to a local insurrectionary faction of American settlers, and raised a battalion of mounted volunteers.

"He told me love, was like yon' troubled deep, "Whose restless billows never know repose; "Are wildly dash'd upon the rocky steep, "And tremble to the lightest breeze that blows!

but who art thou, Rattling along from the restless bough?

Wonderful changing lights were ever filtering through ice and water to them, and, at times, as they drove slowly forward, the lights and shadows seemed to have a motion of their own, a restless shifting, like the play of sunlight and shadow beneath the trees.

" Mr. Calvert went out into the dimly lit street that, despite the hour, was full of a restless throng of people, who seemed to be wandering about as aimlessly as himself.

5 Words to use with  restless
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