163 Words to use with rests

For two years he had been digging wells and building rest-houses on the road to Alexandria.

The canteen was opened in February, 1915, with a reading and rest room.

I had seen them a few days before in rest billets and admired their appearance.

I have nerves, so much so, do you know (partly because I go in a good deal for music and intellect and so on), so much so, that I very nearly had a rest cure at the end of last season, and I should have had, probably, but that new young French singer came over with a letter of introduction to me, and of course I couldn't desert him, but had to do my very best.

2. Mothers should have rest-hours and rest-days.

But his head cleared in the one minute rest period; and he fought through the ninth round carefully.

Therefore, after utilizing all your knowledge about the conditions of memorizing, rest content and trust to the laws of Nature.

2. Mothers should have rest-hours and rest-days.

Thus, missioners giving missions or parish retreats are excused from the whole Office; so, too, are priest combatants in the battle line; but when in rest camps they are bound to say the Hours.

We soon reached the city, and after the saying Of cheerful "Good night," to our friends, We sought our own home without further delaying, And the rest night to weariness sends.

So when a sort of lusty Shepheards throw The barre by turns, and none the rest outgoe So farre, but that the best are measuring casts, Their emulation and their pastime lasts; But if some Brawny yeoman, of the guard Step in and tosse the Axeltree a yard Or more beyond the farthest Marke, the rest Despairing stand, their sport is at the best. EDW.

She says there's a little Fidelity stock that brings enough to keep her in the rest-place, so she feels a little better about that.

A friend sent her a check for $100 and Mary used it as a start for this rest home.

"P'raps I hadn't orter tell, before the rest o' ye." "Oh, yes; do tell!" pleaded Louise.

His rest time may be spent in divers ways.

April, June, and November, February hath twenty-eight alone; and all the rest hath thirty and one.

Profaneness in my head; Defects and darkness in my breast; A noise of passions ringing me for dead Unto a place where is no rest Poor priest, thus am I drest!

Their foolish dreams forsake; Unto their rest return again, And Christ their refuge make.

In the morning he put off to sea in chase of the vessel, which he was unable to get up with till towards evening close to the land; after a brave defence, as the ship had many men, she at length yielded; and not chusing to encumber himself with so many prisoners, he landed a part of her company, and made the rest prisoners in irons in his own ship.

And all the rest tranquil as ever, eh?the whole country jogging on the same old way, or asleep and dreaming dreams, perhaps, same kind of dreams they had in Marco Polo's day.

Jose, you stand by at the wheel, in case you're needed; some of the rest ship the capstan bars, and remain near for a call.

What does the rest matter provided he possesses all these qualities, and all these qualities he must possess.

'Very good; but, mark my words, if he's drownded you'll never forgive yourself as long as you live for letting your temper get the better of youyou'll never know a good night's rest agin.

Well, since che see there is none other boot, Chill now take pains to go the rest afoot; For Brock mine ass is saddle-pinch'd vull sore, And so am I even herechill say no more.

As, sometimes, in a nightmare events crowd upon each other's heels with a conviction of dreadfulest reality, yet some inconsistent detail accuses the whole display of incompleteness and disguise, so the events that now followed, though they actually happened, persuaded the mind somehow that the detail which could explain them had been overlooked in the confusion, and that therefore they were but partly true, the rest delusion.

163 Words to use with  rests