19 Words to use with resulted

"And the r-result ahexactlyit iss that exactly.

It's true the system is quite recently devised, it hasn't been thoroughly tested, but so far we have had wonderful results andit's just the thing for your case.

As a result blockade running was carried on to a great extent.

[4510]Of and from all three, result charity, friendship, and true love, which respects God and our neighbour."

As a result conspiracies, factions, and clubs arise which are far from desirable under a monarchy.

I often see a nice little motor standing before her doorthe result doubtless of a year's economy.

There had been discontent and signs of insurrection in the Netherlands which Mercy's recent letters led her to believe were passing away; and her congratulations to her brother on this peaceful result dwell on the happiness "which it is to be able to pardon one's subjects without shedding one drop of blood, of which sovereigns are bound to be always careful.

As a result suppuration ensues, and the animal is lame.

Not only will such a result follow in individual cases like this, but, unless the teacher watches and guards against it, it will grow into a habit.

Two results followedfirst, all grievances vanished; and secondly, the whole pauper population of England within ten years was Catholic in sympathies.

As a result grass and feed were plentiful, and attracted many more travelers and hunters, who figured that game would be much more plentiful owing to the abundance of feed.

The result hitherto has been most encouraging.

And thus the German Masons call this striving for an almost millennial result labor in the temple.

" The better to ensure this important result marriages were strictly forbidden between the native Irish and the settlers, and in order to avoid that ever-formidable danger the former were ordered to remove themselves and their belongings bodily into certain reserved lands set apart for them.

As a result perturbation was caused in many places by the first communication of each side about the other and by the constant messages contradicting each other.

" To obtain uniform results practice had to come before actual performance, and many weary hours were spent over drill in reading, drill in number, drill in handwork, drill in needlework.

As a result quail have greatly increased in numbers.

Be the result reward or punishment, liberty or freedom, the chance must be accepted, for her sake, as well as my own.

The result wur, that after they'd walked through th' shed, there was many on 'em walked out at t'other end o' th' moor straight into teawn a-playin' 'em.

19 Words to use with  resulted