34 Words to use with revolver

As it did so there was the sound of a revolver shot from across the water and something whizzed overhead.

This hobby would have excited the wondering contempt of Joe Leaver, whose frequent attendance at cinema theatres had led him to the conclusion that police detectiveswho, unlike his master, had to take the rough with the smoothspent their spare time practising revolver shooting, and throwing daggers at an ace of hearts on the wall.

As the man turned his head for a moment to gaze across the dark sand, the lad struck him violently over the head with his revolver butt.

"Let him take his try, Jack." As a matter of fact, had Donnegan reached for a gun, he would have been shot before even Landis could bring out a weapon, for the steady eye of Joe Rix, hidden behind the Pedlar, had been looking down a revolver barrel at the forehead of Donnegan, waiting for that first move.

"Besides the boxing match and standing broad jump are the running broad jump; high jumping, a match with foils and a revolver contest.

Pistol and revolver practice CHAPTER IX.

Then deliberately his hand lifted, before him there appeared a sudden blaze of fire, upon the silence there broke a single revolver report, from beneath his lifeless bulk the horse he rode broke free, gave one bound, by instinct halted, trembling in every muscle; then over all, the quick and the dead, returned silence: silence absolute as that of the grave.

Quickly the lad lashed the wheel with several lengths of cable and then sprang back to the bridge amid a volley of revolver bullets from the Germans who still held the deck.

His revolver hand struck the floor with great force and the weapon was sent spinning from his grasp.

DUEL While their men battled on a road near Antwerp, it is said that a Belgian cavalry sergeant and an officer of German Uhlans fought a revolver duel which ended when the Belgian killed his foe, sending a bullet into his neck at close range.

For a bare fraction of a second the two men stared at each other, then, instinctively, the warden's right hand moved toward the open drawer of his desk where a revolver lay, and his left toward several electrically connected levers.

" The revolver match was on.

Three times the revolver mechanism was worked to accomplish her destruction.

The loungers suddenly dropped to the cover of boxes and barrels, as a flicker of steel shot upward, and behind the gleaming rim of a revolver muzzle held rigid was a brown hand and Leddy's hard, unyielding face.

The arms and ammunition were: one minie rifle, eight double-barrel guns, nine revolver pistols, 25 pounds gunpowder, 150 pounds shot and balls, percussion caps, etc.

"That's the state of affairs, and the sooner you hand over those particular papers, Billie, the quicker this revolver play ends.

He wanted to be out of revolver range before he turned.

Lively, now!" He trailed the muzzle of the revolver round from my temple to the back of my head as he spoke, pressing it into my hair in its course in a fashion that was anything but reassuring.

Surely there had been a shot fireda revolver shotalmost on the very spot where he stood.

Up went the Arab's sword again, Ken saw the glitter in his savage eyes, and thought it was all over when, in the very nick of time, a revolver spat and turned the fierce face into a blood-stained horror.

Of course they started to make objections, and the air was filled with various excited exclamations; but Frank proved as firm as adamant, and showed the automatic revolver sticking from his pocket all the while, a fact that kept the two men from venturing to do more than shout.

"We are still one man shy on our revolver team.

The rumour ran that in his hip pocket he was carrying a revolver wherewith to protect the modesty of his neck.

He remembered complaints about the revolver ammunition from the Duri Small Arms Ammunition Factory.

The man Leverson was sitting in an easy-chair, with an ugly gash across the temple, and one of his men had a revolver wound through the shoulder.

34 Words to use with  revolver