99 Words to use with ring

Strike the elbow end of the ulna against anything hard (commonly called "hitting the crazy bone") where the ulna nerve is exposed, and the little finger and the ring finger will tingle and become numb.

It is said that two ring-doves, a male and female, happened to alight on the garden wall near the fountain where they were sitting, and began billing and cooing in amorous play, so that seeing them together in such soft intercourse, blushes overspread the cheeks of the princess, who immediately called for her bow and arrows.

A sailor, kneeling on the slimy planks, tried to force a corroded ring-bolt from its niche; another trimmed a smoky lantern.

The ring-leader I haled to James Town, and had the pleasure of seeing him grinning through a collar in the common stocks.

"Good as a three-ring circus, ain't it?" said an English voice at my side; "most of their plays run on for nine months or so, but this particular show only lasts six weeks, the merest curtain-raiser.

Southern members of Congress at the present session ring changes almost daily upon the same fallacy.

Although Mr. Jesper and Mrs. Abbatt do the greatest portion of the talking and praying, others break through the ring fence of Quakerdom's silence periodically.

The twin ring mystery.

Besides being spavined and having three of his hoofs injured by sand-crack, he had poll-evil, fistulas, malanders, ring-bone, capped hock, curb, splint, and several other maladies which made him a very suitable horse for the general public to bet against.

RING A RING O' ROSES Ring a ring o' roses, A pocketful of posies.

Two lit-tle girls, named Anne and May, Came by with mirth and laugh-ter ring-ing, Anne ran to seize the in-sect gay May fol-low-ed fast and ceased her sing-ing.

A hard veteran full of cool valour and ring-craft, could give ten or fifteen years and a beating to most striplings.

As an example of this class of work, I may instance the shrinking on of collars and tires, which, with suitable ring-burner and a Root's blower, could be equally heated in five minutes for shrinking on; in fact, the work could be done in less time than it would usually take to find a laborer to light a fire.

THE CITIZENS' ASSOCIATION, finding that their sands of life are nearly run out, are now advertising privately for some fresh candidates, who for a salary will undertake to cure the ring-worms of the body politic by their pimple prescription of substitution, or putting yourself in their place, which is a political modification of the law in homoeopathic medicine, similie similibus errantur, or in morals, "set a rogue to catch a rogue.


Ten ring circus books.

Half-a-dozen ring men ran forward to repel them.

He was offered a chance to take the place of the clown, the ring master or anybody whose duty he thought he could perform.

Directed to mount steps and ring bell, to lay cards upon the servant, how should one deal with a rosy-faced, plump lady of uncertain years in a rocking-chair.

But a complete solution of the difficulty of employing a ring shuttle has been achieved in the oscillating form, invented by Mr. Phil.

PARNELL, R. SEE The Clarinetist's jazz album. PARTRIDGE, WILLIAM O. Slim Bill's one ring overland circus.

Little children played ring games, and sang as they played.

The density and pureness of colour, in both blacks and browns, is of great importance, but should not be permitted to outweigh the evenness of the distribution of spots on the body; no black patches, or even mingling of the spots, should meet with favour, any more than a ring-tail or a clumsy-looking, heavy-shouldered dog should command attention.

Sometimes when they wanted to amuse themselves, they would play ring plays.

" He stretched himself, lay back in his chair, sent a smoke-ring circling toward the ceiling, and watched it, smiling absently.

99 Words to use with  ring