20 Words to use with risking



To strong, coarse spirits, that were both shrewd and daring, and willing to balance the great risks incident to their mode of life against its great gains, the business was most alluring.

Many of these worthy men broke the trail on the rough way that led to the Pacific Coast, drove away all dangers, and made it safer for those who dared not at first risk life and fortune in the journey, but, encouraged by the success of the earliest pioneers, ventured later on the eventful trip to the new gold fields.

Risk elements in consumer instalment financing.

Today we acclaim a man or an idea, tomorrow we shall insult him; and anyone who refuses risks dishonouror a pistol bullet.

Why risk emotions and tears which would leave him so weak?

In his pock-et he has much bright sil-ver, the pro-duce of his la-bour: the con-tents of the wag-gon shows the farm-er's gra-ti-tude to Wil-lie for his promp-ti-tude, en-er-gy, and in-dus-try; and, more than all, for his risk-ing his life to save that of his dar-ling child.

What did any risk matter?

On the other hand, would it not be ten thousand times more dangerous to go back to the cottage now and risk meeting Richard Lambert face to face?

Sooner than risk neurectomy, it seems to us wiser to give a trial to the operation advocated by M.G. Joly, namely, that of ligaturing one of the digital arteries on each affected foot.

With their eyes open to the consequences, the Nobility and Clergy elected to risk revolt, because they did not believe that revolt could prevail against them.

Those money lenders who have eliminated chance as far as possible and have taken a low rate of interest lose little; the risk-takers who draw their incomes from dividends on stock or from bonds of a less stable kind, often lose much. § 8.

I should say he wouldn't be any more of a risk tew yew than I was tew Angy; mebbe less.

"Revoke the compromise, or else secession; modify the legislation of the free States, or else secession; risk adventures, and undertake conquests with us for slavery, or else secession; lastly and above all, never suffer yourselves to elect a president who is not our candidate, or else secession.

Otherwise, there is no telling what risks youth might take with machine-guns.

Hermotimus, however, was not insensible to the risk attendant upon this disunion; since, before attempting any of these aerial flights, he took the precaution to warn his wife, lest, ere the return of his soul, the body should be rendered an unfit or useless receptacle.

Well, I take the risk becausebecause you are intelligent.

He read: Total mortgages on the lands of all the Grandissimes $ Total present value of same, titles at buyers' risk Cash, goods, and accounts Fausse Rivière Plantation account There were other items, but he took up the edge of the paper mechanically, pushed it slowly away from him, leaned back in his chair and again laid his hands upon his face.

In times of war you constantly see men, and women, too, who, sooner than suffer discomfort or even inconvenience, risk death.

20 Words to use with  risking