50 Words to use with routing

Key to numerical system of the American Bankers Association with check routing symbols.

Outline of Sales Analysis Institute studies in successful route selling.

On clear days I can see the square tower of the cathedral at Meaux, and I have only to walk a short distance on the route nationale,which runs from Paris, across the top of my hill a little to the east, and thence to Meaux and on to the frontier,to get a profile view of it standing up above the town, quite detached, from foundation to clock-tower.

but route step and at ease are applicable to any marching formation.

At night he used these accumulated data to lay down on his route map the journey of the day.

it was only a route march.

It was, of course, essential to preserve the secrecy of the general principles governing the issue of route orders and of the route orders themselves.

Sur la route du retour.

Purposely for my own pleasure, as well as for that of my companions, I took a circuitous route homeward, and in so doing came within sight of a principal feminine Nursery or girls' school.

Many of the hundreds of the route surveys are not unworthy to be compared with those of Pogge and Wissmann, when they laid down on their map every cultural and topographic feature for two miles on both sides of their route, from Angola to the Upper Congo.

The moonwith the wild skurry of clouds hastening to blot it out of sightseemed to mirror the chaos threatening my better impulses; and, idly keeping it in view, I rode on, hardly conscious of my course till the rapid recurrence of several well-known landmarks warned me that I had taken the longest route home, and that in another moment I should be skirting the grounds of The Whispering Pines, our country clubhouse.

Sur la route mandarine.

"The letter from Rev. Mr. Stringer, the missionary, published in the Spectator on July 2, shows that the ice had only commenced to run in the Peel River, which is the water route south-east from Fort Macpherson into the gold region, on September 30 last year.

Realising that, if General Allenby's operations were successful, and no one doubted that, we should have a period of open warfare when troops would be called upon to make long marches and undergo the privations entailed by transport difficulties, General Bulfin brought as many men as he could spare from the trenches back to Deir el Belah and the coast, where they had route marches over the sand for the restoration of their marching powers.

"J. Dalton, a trader, has used a route overland from Chilkat Inlet to Fort Selkirk.

There are about 250,000 route miles of steam railroads, or with additional tracks, yard tracks, and sidings, a total of about 370,000 miles.

Here, no trace of the invader; generally speaking no signs of the armies; for our route lay, on an average, some forty miles behind the line.

A l'aide de ses avis je me mis en route pour Nazareth, et, après avoir traversé une grande plaine, je vins à la fontaine dont Notre Seigneur changea l'eau en vin

Does this road go through / Cette route passe-t-elle par Compiègne? . . . . . .

She's a sort o' reformed teacher, I take it; an' she gets at her subtraction by a new route altogetherlike ez ef the first feller thet had any surplus went sort o security for them thet was short, an' passed the loan down the line.

We would ask why, in what justice, if we can not find the object in the route prescribed, are we to be thus trammeled?

His plan was to attach these to the larger boats, and so provide against want; in the certainty, however, that on such a route relief must soon present itself, in the shape of ship or steamer.

"After reaching Lady Elliot's Island, we steered a course direct for the High Peak of the Northumberland Islands, so as to pass between Bunker's Group and Swain's Reef, which affords a far better entrance into the Inner Passage, than the old route round Breaksea Spit inside the Bunker Group; when the course requires to be changed, and the channel is much narrower.

Later that afternoon, he took a roundabout route shopping and walked out to Crescent Beach.

Noncommissioned officers and selected privates should be able to make simple route sketches.

50 Words to use with  routing