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81 Words to use with  saddle

81 Words to use with saddle

I then built a little fire, and broiling the chicken and seasoning it with salt and pepper, which I had obtained from my saddle-bags, I soon sat down to a "genuine square meal," which I greatly relished.

There is, it is true, one saddle horse in North Carolina that fears me.

"Sir Fidelis," said he, "hast a mace at thy saddle-bow: betake thee to it, 'tis a goodly weapon, andsmite hard.

The weather was very cold and I found my journey by no means a pleasant one as I was obliged to camp out with only my saddle blankets; and besides, there was more or less danger from the Indians themselves; for, although Spotted Tail himself was friendly, I was afraid I might have difficulty in getting into his camp.

He bridled the buckskin, saddled, tied his rope at the saddle-horn, and began making his pack.

One of the Yankees had kindly loaned a mottled buggy- robe for the saddle-cloth.

While we were conversing, Jack informed me that he had brought me a present from Colonel Jones of Cheyenne, and that he had it in his saddle-pockets.

So, turning aside into the denser green, Beltane stayed, and sprang down to tighten the great roan's saddle-girths, strained in the encounter.

No doubt the saddle stock were in sad need of improved blood but this was hardly the moment to undertake such an expenditure.

"You know the horse and carriage, or the saddle-ponies, are always yours when you want to use them.

There's a fine tang of the open-air about them, and a smell of saddle-leather, that many persons will consider well worth all the intricacies of your problem-novelists.

Either because he lived in Arequipa or because they thought he looked like a good horseman, or for reasons best known to themselves, the Tejadas had given Mr. Hinckley a very spirited saddle-mule.

She was getting saddle galls from carrying so many naturals.

The haughty Turk his scarlet shoe upon the stirrup placed, Right easily he vaulted to his saddle-tree in haste.

On occasion, some colonel, beefy as a brisket and with rolls of fat on the back of his close-shaved neck, would be seen bouncing by, balancing his tired stomach on his saddle pommel; but, without exception, the men in the ranks were trained down and fine drawn.

He then drew his kamund from the saddle-strap, and praying to God to grant him victory over his foes, urged on Rakush, and wherever he threw the noose, his aim was successful.

I was sawing wood one morning in the saddle house, and Umslumpogaas and his wives were sitting round about the door, dusting themselves.

Bending over it, while his horse ran, he worked frantically to weave a rawhide saddle string into the fiber and so strengthen the dangerous spot.

Satan's saddle mates.

Although mules are essentially the most reliable saddle animals for work in the Andes, these landholders usually prefer horses, which are larger and faster, as well as being more gentle and better gaited.

The saddle wolf.

In reply to a letter of admonition written in this sense by his friend Lionardo di Compagno, the saddle-maker, he writes: "Your urgent solicitations are to me so many stabs of the knife.

"To confess the truth, I am a little saddle sore and tired.

Pedro would be along soon with the saddle cavallard.

These were the saddle-room, storehouse, chicken-house, and stable.

Control of pain with saddle block and higher spinal anesthesia.

As for writingit was a trying business to Charley, in whose hand every pen appeared to become perversely animated, and to go wrong and crooked, and to stop and splash, and sidle into corners, like a saddle donkey.

To tell the truth, I hate to see a cavalry man walk, and I hold that just as he is the most gallant thing upon earth when he has his saddle-flaps between his knees, so he is the most clumsy when he has to loop up his sabre and his sabre-tasche in one hand and turn in his toes for fear of catching the rowels of his spurs.

"You're as welcome to the use of my saddle hoss as the sunlight is after a spell of rain," he said, heartily.

Hell's saddle legion.

When it ended in his victory I found that I had jolted my rifle out of its saddle sheath.

"At one time, while an associate of Sheridan, Erskine, Fox, &c., he affected, in conversation, to be brilliant, and so far succeeded, as to colloquial liveliness, that during their festive intercourse, according to the witty barrister's own admission, 'he fairly kept up at saddle-skirts' even with Curran.

Hence, while the peasants stare, Buys he their swiftest mare; And, as the pavement rings With the bright gold he flings, He to the saddle springs, Never so fleet!

We saw the husk carded out by machinery into its component fibres, for coco-rope matting, coir-rope, saddle-stuffing, brushes, and a dozen other uses; while the fruit was crushed down for the sake of its oil; and could but wish all success to an industry which would be most profitable, both to the projectors and to the island itself, were it not for the uncertainty, rather than the scarcity, of labour.

"Would you mind putting it in my saddle-wallet, sir?

" "I dunno," said he, his head under an upflung saddle-fender.

I trailed him up this ridge, over the steepest and roughest and wildest part of it, marveling at the enormous steps and jumps he made, and at the sagacity which caused him to choose this route instead of the saddle trail where I had waited so long.

Jess was a pretty tolerable fair hunter, knowed mustangs and mustang-ways, and had a right fine string of saddle hosses.

His expression was animated and buoyant, his seat in the saddle erect and commanding, and he seemed to look forward to assured success in the critical movement which he had undertaken.

They were still seated there when Valencia, having deposited his riding gear at the saddle-hut, limped to the steps and stood with his sunny smile upon his face and his sombrero brim trailing the dust.

The Boy sat down, still staring about him, taking note of the well-hewn logs, and of the neat attachment of the timbers by a saddle-joint at the four corners of the roof.

The little electric saddle-lamp that she carried gave out a feeble glow, scarce opening the way in the darkness more than ten feet ahead.

It's an electric saddle-lantern.

"Major," burst in a bugler small, "The fellow we left in Loudon grass Sir slyboots with the inward bruise, His voice I heardthe very same Some watchword in the ambush pass; Ay, sir, we had him in his shoes We caught himMosbybut to lose!" "Go, go!these saddle-dreamers!

Ourselves beheld the listed field, A sight both sad and fair; We saw Lord Marmion pierce the shield, And saw the saddle bare; We saw the victor win the crest He wears with worthy pride; And on the gibbet-tree, reversed, His foeman's scutcheon tied.

On the second day they were driven into camp early by heavy rains which drenched clothing, blankets, and even the provisions carefully stored under the saddles and leather saddle-covers.

The morning after Hedda Gabler he found a very good chestnut saddle-mare in an up-town stable, and rode for an hour or two in the Park, returning to the Club after eleven.

Why, Drew, I can see the saddle-marks clear from here; I got a mind to slip down there and pick up the easiest hundred bones that ever rolled my way.

Dressed in full deer-skin as was I, she rode her horse astride with a grace as perfect as it was unstudied and unconscious, neither affecting the slothful carriage of our Southern saddle-masters nor the dragoons' rigid seat, but sat at ease, hollow-backed, loose-thighed, free-reined and free-stirruped.

The Menara, long since abandoned, is usually uninhabited, but on the day when we drove through the Agdal we noticed, at the gate, a group of well-dressed servants holding mules with embroidered saddle-clothes.

It didn't take me two second to make the saddle-change.

About eight o'clock three saddle nags were brought to the door, and we, mounting, set out for London, where we arrived about ten, the roads being fairly passable save in the marshy parts about Shoreditch, where the mire was knee-deep; so to Gracious Street, and there leaving our nags at the Turk inn, we walked down to the Bridge stairs, and thence with a pair of oars to Greenwich.

Honest saddle o' mutton, and the grounds of old port.

He had two saddle packs with a strap that he would throw over his shoulder.

It is no child's play to hold a practice here through the winter months, when the drifts are really formed, and a pair can drop in up to their saddle-pads.

n the midst of his shield, and the spear of Sir Gylmere burst into pieces, but Sir Launcelot's spear held, so the breast-strap of Sir Gylmere's saddle bursting, both saddle and knight were swept entirely off the horse and to the earth, where Sir Gylmere lay altogether stunned.

The girths of the Templar's saddle burst, and saddle, horse, and man rolled on the ground under a cloud of dust.

"I was going to break some more hosses for the saddle-bunchbut I reckon I'll leave 'em now for Brown to bust.

Well, he's a nimble gentleman; set him upon Banks his horse in a saddle rampant, and it is a great question which part of the Centaur shows better tricks.

โ€œAlas!โ€ cried poor Jack, โ€œitโ€™s all up with me now, For I never again shall my saddle regain, Nor bound like a wallaby over the plain.โ€

[Illustration: "Up here!" came the voice again] He was smoothly shaven, with blond hair almost ripe enough to be auburn; he wore a gray suit of rather loose and careless material, a belt, but no waistcoat; his trousers were reefed up from a pair of saddle-brown shoes, and the silk band around his small straw hat was tricolored.

Howard shifted in his saddle seat and inspected the ground at his right as intently as though there might be jewels scattered about.

Has up upon the saddle set, 1798.]

Was it born in the saddle ye were?" She laughed in answer, but her heart gave a quick throb of pain.

Add to it a saddle wet with your own blood, then you have something to give you a turn of the stomach thinking of it.

Who done bang you on de haid dat-a-way?"scrubbing vigorously with the saddle-soap all the while.

I gwine scrub you wif de saddle-soapLor', Gord-a-mighty!

So the two came together with terrible violence and Sir Launcelot struck Sir Mordred such a buffet that the breast-band of Sir Mordred's saddle brake, and both the saddle and Sir Mordred flew over his horse's tail.

Here he built a fort of logs, and left the saddle-band and pack-animals in charge of two of the members of the expedition; intending to send back for them when he had discovered some practicable route.

"You will meet, sir, with an old gentleman riding alone in plain drab clothes, a broad-brimmed white hat, a hickory switch in his hand, and carrying an umbrella with a long staff, which is attached to his saddle-bowthat person, sir, is General Washington.

There are many other types, such as the ten wheel bogie tank engines of the London, Tilbury, and Southend and South-Western railways; the saddle tank bogie engines, working the broad gauge trains on the Great Western Railway, west of Newton; and the familiar class working the Metropolitan and North London traffic.

Beside the Queen of the Alps was the huge mass of the Lyskamm, with a saddle stretching from the one to the other; next to the Lyskamm came two white, rounded mounds, smooth and pure, the Twins Castor and Pollux, and further to the right again the broad, brown flank of the Breithorn.

620 The head of this was to the saddle bent, The other backward to the crupper sent: Both were by turns unhorsed; the jealous blows Fall thick and heavy, when on foot they close.

We discussed the wisdom of making the rest of the way on foot, as preferable to that particular kind of saddle-work, leaving our baggage to come along with the horses when it might.

From him who, reckless of his fame and pride, Thus idly slept, and thus ignobly died,'" Girding his loins he gathered from the field, His quivered stores, his beamy sword and shield, Harness and saddle-gear were o'er him slung.

" Maggie knew she did not deserve this, and blushing like a guilty child she offered no resistance when he lifted her into the saddle gentlytenderlyas if she had indeed escaped from some great danger.

a velvet saddle furniture for my wife, 13l.

He tore away the housings that 'neath his saddle hang, He rent his lady's favor as with a lion's fang The silken ribbon, bright with gold, which in his crest he bore, By loved Celinda knotted there, now loved by him no more.

There he beat the camel to its knees, cut off its ears and nose, and put the saddle hind foremost.

He backed towards the door where the saddle of Perris lay, and stooping, he snatched the revolver of Red Jim from the saddle-holster.

Does the saddle fit?" "Yes, sir," said Pottinger, with a half-nervous glance at Maude, followed by the impassive expression of the trained servant who cannot speak out.