9 Words to use with satellites

Satellite scout.

When much business is to be transacted, a boy is necessary for each of these instruments; generally, however, one lad can, without practical difficulty, manage about three; but, as the whole of them are ready for work by night as well as by day, they are incessantly attended, in watches of eight hours each, by these satellite boys by day and by men at night.

that Connie, Miranda, and she ought to find their haven somewhere within the dim region between New Orleans and those three small satellite cities; not near any two railways, yet close enough to a single one for them to get news, public or personal, in time to act on it.

Then one day an electrical genius from Mars came to Oz to discuss a contract to build satellite dishes.

Near the centre of the marg, on a small hill, was a large wooden building surrounded by many satellite huts and tents: this we rightly guessed to be Nedou's Hotel.

The sats were small, unmanned electronic satellite observers, distributed throughout the Asteroid Belt to aid in research and navigation.

It is just this rage for consideration that has betrayed the dog into his satellite position as the friend of man.

The canal was closely lined with house-boats and their satellite cook-boats, clinging to the poplar-shaded banks.

His final fate is that of a satellite turning forever round in the same orbit.

9 Words to use with  satellites