34 Words to use with saw

But the regular lumbermen, with their saw-mills, have been, less generally destructive thus far than the shingle-makers.

Kaviak scraped up the meat saw-dust and ate it with grave satisfaction.

The consequence is that this place is a regular diplomatic see-saw.

There was a large, and what farmers would call handsome, barn, part of whose boards had been sawed by a whip-saw; and the saw-pit, with its great pile of dust, remained before the house.

On page 52 you see a picture (No. 2) of the Saw-fish, one of the Shark family.

I had no adventures worth relating during the night, and just before daylight I found myself approaching Saw-log Crossing, on the Pawnee Fork, having then ridden about seventy miles.

For instance, there are no saw-horses nor hand-saws, the smallest saw used being a miniature wood-saw, with the steel set at an angle, in a peculiar manner.

The expansion is governed by saw-cuts through the inner margin of the shoe directed towards its outer margin, and running only partially through the inner half of the web (see Fig. 76).

You get the saw-tooth effect from a distance, but the near-by granite bulk glitters with the terrible keen polish of old glacial ages.

It has climbed up the shrubs some fifteen feet, and is now tumbling down again in masses of the purest deep green, which are always softly rounded, because each slender leaf is sabre-shaped, and always curves inward and downward into the mass, presenting to the paper thousands of minute saw-edges, hard enough and sharp enough to cut clothes, skin, and flesh to ribands, if it is brushed in the direction of the leaves.

I've just come from the Tombs and had quite a talk with Serafino in the counsel room, with a gum-chewing keeper sitting in the corner watching me for fear I'd slip his prisoner a saw file or a shotgun or a barrel of poison.

[Footnote: For mode of proceeding see page 331.] and in some states of originating bills for raising revenue.

Now ye roll yer saw-timber inter the middle.

The lamp was swinging and the captain's compass see-sawing like monkeys who had gone crazy in bedlams of tree-tops.

The tribe known as the Osages, or Wa-saw-sees, as they denominate themselves, wander perennially round the head waters of the Arkansas and Neosho, or Grand Rivers, hunting, fishing, and trading with the Americans at Fort Gibson, the outermost south-western fort on the frontier of the United States.

I look back an' see de do' swingin' shut, slow like, so I run back an' stick my foot in hit and shove hit back open.

Sees tempests in despair: But what's the loss of treasure, To losing of my dear?

Further light is shed on the force of the tendency to imitate man by the saw test.

As often as the other spoke of Charlotta, he answered with something of de Coigney; but all his artifice was ineffectual, and the baron at last saw thro' it, and assuming a very grave countenance, I perceive, Horatio, said he, you do not think me worthy your confidence, and I was to blame to press you to reveal what you resolve to make a mystery of.

Some of the saw mill workers were members of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Trollhätta must do her work; saw beams, drive mills, hammer and break to pieces: one building grows up by the side of the other, and in half a century hence here will be a city.

Tall Saw-wort c.m. 503 - coronata Lyre-leaved ditto c.m. 504 - spicata Spike-flowered ditto b.l.

There were other sounds which betokened the loggers' activity in the near-by forest,the ringing whine of saw blades, the dull stroke of the axe, voices calling distantly.

"That arrangement that looks like a square pan on a saw-buck is the rocker.

"Yo' see de forked tree dar on de lef'?" I was not sure, yet there was something in that direction which might be what he described.

34 Words to use with  saw