74 Words to use with scale

Thus the interval between the mental powers of one of the higher apes and of a fish, or between those of an ant and scale-insect, is immense; yet their development does not offer any special difficulty, for with our domesticated animals the mental faculties are certainly variable, and the variations are inherited.

Only a map can make clear the racial complications of the Dual Monarchy, and even the largest scale map fails to show how inextricably the various races are interwoven in many districts of Hungary or Bohemia.

Our Navy, commenced at an early period of our present political organization upon a scale commensurate with the incipient energies, the scanty resources, and the comparative indigence of our infancy, was even then found adequate to cope with all the powers of Barbary, save the first, and with one of the principal maritime powers of Europe.

This value of the incandescence lamp I can use as an ordinate to a curve, the scale number which marks the position of the color in the spectrum being the abscissa.

The minor scale patterns; a new concept on the theory of minor scale construction.

McGinty was watching Jimmie, the man at the gold scales, pinch up some of the excess dust in the scale-pan and toss it back into the brass blower.

'In my office as Chairman of successive Commissions on Standards, I had collected a number of Standards, some of great historical value (as Ramsden's and Roy's Standards of Length, Kater's Scale-beam for weighing great weights, and others), &c. These have been transferred to the newly-created Standards Department of the Board of Trade."In

Musical mathematics; the modern theory of scale construction.

The Chesley Mills scale ladder.

Under the Chinese economic system, large-scale landowning always proved socially and politically injurious.

Newest system of scale studies for mastering playing of the double bass.

[Footnote 7: This line, whose form in the Quarto is very careless, seems but a careless correction, leaving the sense as well as the construction obscure: 'Women's fear and love keep the scales level; in neither is there ought, or in both there is fulness;' or: 'there is no moderation in their fear and their love; either they have none of either, or they have excess of both.'

The outer skin is made up of several layers of cells, which next to the true skin are soft and active, but gradually become harder towards the surface, where they are flattened and scale-like.

SEE Key to the Jeffrey B. Langston music scale locator ...

Till our Scale turnes the beame.

From the eggs hatch active little larval "scale bugs," with eyes and feelers, and six legs.

We thought their scale weights were rather heavy and their ferrymen well paid.

End of the Hsiung-nu empire In the two decades between 160 and 140 B.C. there had been further trouble with the Hsiung-nu, though there was no large-scale fighting.

Messrs. Fairbanks, of St. Johnsbury, in Vermont, conduct a large establishment, where every married employe owns a house in the village, almost an Eden for beauty and order, which has grown up around these remote but remarkable scale works.

The silver scale mystery.

The two immigrant groups also differed economically and socially: the old immigrants were firmly established on the large properties they had acquired, and dominated their tenants, who were largely autochthones; or they had engaged in large-scale commerce.

A Tune a daya beginning scale book; may be used as supplement to any violin method; includes studies in thirds, arpeggios and an introduction to double stops all in the first position.

Lamb's scale preventer.

His first question was: "What do you want to cultivate mushrooms for? Kitchen gardening, small scale production or large scale export?" Depending on your objectives you can decide on the variety and the quantity, he told us.

Small scale ed.

74 Words to use with  scale