26 Words to use with scattering

scatter flowers, fair maids: Ho! gunners, fire a loud saluteho!

Wounded in a somewhat scatter-brain night expedition to the lines of Ciudad Rodrigo, my campaigningfor some time, at leastwas concluded; for my wound began to menace the loss of my arm, and I was ordered back to Lisbon.

Scatter bits of cracked ice among them.

Now the hymn, accompanied by the organ, rushed like a big, full stream on through the church: "Thy Zion scatters palms And greening twigs for Thee, But I in glorious psalms Will lift my soul to Thee!

Ten years' absence scatters friends as October scatters swallows.

It is feared that the flame will reach the neighbourhood of the great warehouses, so thickly do the burning flakes fall and scatter destruction.

I don't aim to have no scatter fire in what I like.

Hence virtue takes its deepest root, And scatters fragrance in the shoot; Blossoms when youth hath passed away, Maturing for eternal day.

Well, I'd delight to make use of my scatter-gun, and let him have a mess of number ten shot at, say sixty yards.

The Orientals deal largely in hyperbole, and scatter numbers and values with the most reckless profusion.

Methinks I hear the trumpet stir! 'Tis but the guard to Exeter, That bugles the "Defiance!" In cavils when will cavaliers Set ringing helmets by the ears, And scatter plumes about?

what thou thyself shalt be?' Astonished at the voice, he stood amazed, And all around with inward horror gazed: When Pallas, swift descending from the skies, Pallas, the guardian of the bold and wise, Bids him plough up the field, and scatter round

They are not particular as to soil, and may be increased by division of roots, while some scatter seed in abundance.

Scatter sunshine.

Ten years' absence scatters friends as October scatters swallows.

They deal a few heavy blows, scatter things, pick up a few glittering pebbles, and" "Leave to dullards the riches of the mines they never would have found," broke in Bart.

While whole plantations smoke and blaze; And we may now prevent the ruin, Ere lawless force with guilty stride Shall scatter vengeance far and wide With untold crimes their hands imbruing.

Free trade throughout the whole supplies the wants of one portion from the productions of another and scatters wealth everywhere.

I know one seed-gatherer who, whenever he robs the squirrels, scatters wheat or barley beneath the trees as conscience-money.

Afterward they visit one temple after another until they complete the pilgrimage at the Golden Temple of Siva, where they make offerings of money, scatter barley upon the ground and drop handfuls of rice and grain into big stone receptacles from which the beggars who hang around the temples receive a daily allowance.

Even when wild tempests swallow up the plains, And Boreas' blasts, big hail, and rains combine To shake the groves and mountains, would I sit, Pensively musing on th' outrageous crimes That wake Heaven's vengeance: at such solemn hours, Demons and goblins through the dark air shriek, While Hecat, with her black-browed sisters nine, Bides o'er the Earth, and scatters woes and death.

The seas continually break on the weather bulwarks and scatter clouds of heavy spray over the backs of all who must venture into, the waist of the ship.

Thus her blind sister, fickle Fortune, reigns, And, undiscerning, scatters crowns and chains.

* Smile on our loves; and while thou drawest the Blue curtains of the sky, scatter thy silver dew On every flower that shuts its sweet eyes In timely sleep.

I see the gloom, that low'rs upon thy brow; These days of love and pleasure charm not thee; Too slow these gentle constellations roll; Thou long'st for stars, that frown on human kind, And scatter discord from their baleful beams.

26 Words to use with  scattering