611 Words to use with schools

We have myriads of Sabbath-school teachers, but how many men or women really know how to teach a little child?

We were passing the school house just as the children were being dismissed, when Samuel undertook to give an exhibition of his horsemanship, he being a good rider for a boy.

The school-room is the place in which the principles of work are implanted: thoroughness, grasp, speed, decision, and definite purpose.

I measured the distance the next day, and found it to be twenty-seven feet five inches; and afterwards frequently saw the school-boys, when engaged in athletic exercises, make running leaps of between thirty and forty feet, backwards and forwards.

You remind me of two school-girls," Jack remonstrated, as in duty bound to keep up the warrior spirit.

Spelling and arithmetic, history, etymology, and geography, are not tasks set over school-children by a hard taskmaster, who keeps them from sunshine and out-of-door play.

Just about this time I was tuk with the measles, and father died, and SALLIE got married, and the old woman said to me: "EPHRAIM, I think your school days is ended."

We send school-books and machinery to China; she sends us tea, matting, and bamboo.

But on the present occasion my pleasure had two drawbacks: I could not but feel the contrast between the warm and confiding attachment of my late school-fellows, and the coldness and reserve of my new companions.

The feeling of respect and good-will which his prowess in the field had awakened in the minds of his former friends afforded him a splendid opportunity for reassociating himself with all that was worthy and honourable in school life.

The school-master asked them: "What do your sisters do?" One answered, "She makes bread.

High school level.

" He called to a pupil passing the door, and told him the strangers would like to inspect the school work.

may establish an alibi or two, Shylock and the public-school system meet over and melt that too, too solid pound of flesh, and Xantippe, herself the sturdier man than Socrates, give ready, lie to what is called the shrew in her.

" He wrote of the large "family" of 145 Melanesian natives he had around him; at another time he spoke of his sleeping on a table with some twelve or more fellows about him; and people coming and going all day long both in and out of school hours!

Another school friend was Sir Francis Adams, first secretary and "counsellor" at the British Embassy.

In my speech at Belgaum, in the workshops I had conducted at Bangalore for the school students and in the article I wrote I always recommended at the end of my presentation that every student ask their parents for a break from regular studies when they finished school as it is something they would never regret.

It did demand a certain amount of memory, and such command of the English tongue as is given by a common school education.

SEE Junior high school mathematics.

The school board may an increase in the salaries of teachers.

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If the pupils had been Armenians they would have persevered till the end of the school year, learnt industriously, and finished with a respectable mastery of the German language.

SEE Howell, William H. CLARK, JOHN R. Clark-Otis modern-school arithmetic.

CUBBERLEY, ELLWOOD P. Public school administration.

Besides these, there are chosen a town-clerk, a town-treasurer, a school-committee, assessors of taxes, overseers of the poor, constables, surveyors of highways, fence-viewers, and other officers.

611 Words to use with  schools
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