34 Words to use with scrubs

For two hours and more I followed him far north along the ridge, till I came up with him in a patch of scrub oak.

Furthermore, much of the composition was done at the home preparing for Caroline's actual presence, and he wrote those suave and optimistic pages of music to an accompaniment of hammers and saws, the wrangling of carpenters, painters, upholsterers, and scrub-women; sleeping at nights in the kitchen, and glad to find a kitchen-table to compose upon.

I'll tell you what I am going to do: I am going to take this matter into my own hands, and drill that scrub team myself, and see if we can't teach the varsity a thing or two.

He had traveled in the face of the wind, and as he howled, a bull moose crashed through the scrub timber ahead of him, his horns rattling against the trees like the tattoo of a clear birch club as he put distance between himself and that cry.

Thick copses of scrub-pine dot the gently sloping sward.

Less than three hundred yards away they came to a thick clump of scrub spruce, and almost ran into a snow-smothered tepee.

"This scrub forest has got to give way to rising ground and open spaces.

She was met by Hannah Straight Tree on the upper landing, carrying a pail of scrub water, mixed with ashes, from the dormitory.

In one of these pathless places, where the scrub-trees and tangle of brush were above her head, where it seemed that she must smother, she lost all sight of him.

Martha Foote dealt daily with Polack scrub girls, and Irish porters, and Swedish chambermaids, and Swiss waiters, and Halsted Street bell-boys.

And on the back veranda behind them, where she had been crouching with her ear to the paling, Rosie came out of hiding and burst out like a whole hallelujah chorus, and with the empty scrub pail in one hand, and the brush in the other, beat the cymbals as she sang: "O that will be glory for me, Glory for you and glory for me, When by His grace I shall look on His face, That will be glory for me!" CHAPTER XXIV HOME

He wanted us to pike along with scrub stock and the old tools and buildings that were on the place and pay for improvements out of our profits.

The village of Dahimal lies on the opposite bank of the river, so we did not cross, but bivouacked on the right bank, where there was some scrub jungle that provided us with wood.

The Boy was holding on to a scrub willow that put up wiry twigs above the snow.

She would teach the stupidest children, or scrub floors, or bake bread.

John, who was at the bottom good- natured, and loved both Francis and Clara very sincerely, soon set Captain Jarvis and his sister what he called "scrub racing," and necessity, in some measure, compelled the rest of the equestrians to hard riding, in order to keep up with the sports.

The range, destined to be associated with so many subsequent important explorations, was a mass of naked rocks, and from the summit they could see nothing but the interminable scrub thickets, and in the distance the thin blue line of ocean.

Then the old Negro man came in with an armfull of scrub wood and placed it by the fireplace on the floor.

A red squirrel came scampering through the scrub branches just under the thick coating of snow that filled all their tops.

After a good deal of scrub work and a general sizing up of the different candidates, four of the old players were dropped, while another went to the substitutes' bench.

After that it was dust-cloth, and soapsuds, and scrub-brush in a race against recurrent water bags, insistent doorbells, and the inevitable dinner hour.

The sudden vision which met his wandering gaze, the donkey calmly chewing scrub buds, with the green juice already oozing from the corners of his frothy mouth, acted upon him like magic.

In some areas we found that fire had been set to the area after the trees were cut and this had destroyed the scrub bushes as well.

Suddenly Joel looked down to see Briscom, the scrub captain, climbing the seats.

The buildings looked new and raw in contrast to the huge pile of grayish-green greasewood and scrub cedar gathered from the clearing round them.

34 Words to use with  scrubs