61 Words to use with seals

He was doddering about between his bed and the fire, laying out the most imposing parkis and fox-skins, fur blankets, and a pair of seal-skin mittens, all of which, apparently, he had had secreted under his bed, or between it and the wall.

Mr. DROOD cares for no more jewelry than his watch, chain and seal-ring?

We stunk mightily of seal oil; our garments were shiny with it, the very pores of our skins seemed to ooze it.

This sign was hailed with rejoicingnot a whit less the seal meat which Bjaaland brought on the same day.

It was bought for a song almost, when we consider the immense amount of money made for the government by the seal fisheries, the cod and salmon industries, and the opening of the gold fields.

(In Red seal western, April 1937)

He sat monologuing under the seal lamp till the Boy longed to throw the dish of smouldering oil at his head.

At dinner last night we had some excellent thick seal soup, very much like thick hare soup; this was followed by an equally tasty seal steak and kidney pie and a fruit jelly.

For quite an hour her father fingered the three seal-impressions, discussing them with her in the language of a savant.

" "Lost your shirt, hon, and the first day back in New York laid a hundred on the wheel and won me my seal coat.

They sighted the United States revenue cutter which plies about the seal islands to keep off poachers, for no one is allowed to kill seals or to land on this government reservation except from government vessels.

National Christmas seal album.

James Thurber (A); 1Feb60; R251214. <pb id='194.png' /> All right, have it your way, you heard a seal bark.

Asiatics do not sign their names, but put their seals to letters, bonds, paper, &c.; on the seal is engraven their names, titles, &c.; which absurd practice has frequently given rise to much roguery, and even bloodshed, as it is so easy, by bribes, to get a seal-cutter to forge almost any seal, a notorious instance of which appeared some twenty years ago in the case of the Raja of Sattara.

But it is really a very beautiful specimen, done at a time when the art of seal-engraving was at its height.

They then discovered that they had no seal fit for the purpose, and a new consultation was holden on the propriety of affixing a cypher which was offered them by one of the Garde Nationale.

A door would open to show first a long seal gun, then a fisherman, then a fool dog that darted between the fisherman's legs and capered away, ki-yi-ing a challenge to the universe.

SELBY Like to a man that hovers in suspense Over a letter just receiv'd, on which The black seal hath

" Next morning they shook off their lethargy and went seal-hunting.

The falling light and approach of supper drives us home again with good appetites about 5 or 6 o'clock, and then the cooks rival one another in preparing succulent dishes of fried seal liver.

Other betrothal shall dissolve, Wedlock of will decay; Only the keeper of this seal Conquers mortality.

It was impregnable except in three places: our own beach, that near the seal rookery, and on the south side of the island.

Had he not departed promptly, there would have been fried seal steak and roast seal heart for supper.

To preserve the seal herds from extinction, the United States made rules limiting the number of seals to be killed in any one year.

The whole machine was fastened together by means of tough lashings of raw seal-hide, so that, to all appearance, it was a rickety affair, ready to fall to pieces.

61 Words to use with  seals