19 Words to use with serpent

With the serpent-worship is joined that of the sun and moon, as the governors of the visible world, and emblems of the male and female nature of the godhead; and to the cat, on account of her nocturnal prowlings, is ascribed a mysterious relationship to the moon.

In my opinion, it is these animals which break the serpents eggs, of which there are many in the Nile, but which serpents are also called crocodiles.

"Whatever you lose you will find," said the serpent-maidens from Patala; "and whatever you want you will get."

According to many of the people, Montezuma left Mexico, during the remote ages, in a canoe built of serpent-skins.

You know all about the Psylli, or ancient serpent-tamers, I suppose.

What shall charm the serpent-furies Coiled around the maddening brain?

Thou risest, O marvellous Being, in heaven, and the two serpent-goddesses, Merti, are established upon thy brow.

The seed of the woman shall bruise the serpent-head of evil, and shall rise triumphant to become the ennobled, recreated commonwealth.

He then related to them the story of his love and affection for the daughter of Mihráb; but the Múbids, well knowing that the chief of Kábul was of the family of Zohák, the serpent-king, did not approve the union desired, which excited the indignation of Zál.

"I have seen the robes of Hermes glisten Seen him wave afar his serpent-wand; But to me the Herald would not listen When the dead swept by at his command, Not with that pale crew

Combien de pieds de long avait ce serpent?Il avait quatre-vingt douze pouces, répondit l'autre; les serpents n'ont pas de pieds.

That is not a sea-serpent winding from under the arch, but only an innocent Eel.

that thou, or Cibber, e'er Should wag a serpent-tail in Smithfield fair!

The Nagdevas with their serpent-canopies, which are relics of a primordial Sun and Serpent worship totally foreign to pure Buddhism, appear side by side with the Swastika or Life-symbol of the greater creed, with the lotus and other symbols of a phallic cult, and as in the small cistern near cave 14 with the female face representing the low-class Hindu belief in the divinity of the smallpox.

Are you, according to the promise of the serpent-tempter, 'gods, knowing good from evil?' of such clear omniscience, that you can hurl an unprepared soul before the tribunal of its Maker, in the full assurance that you have rightly loosed the silver cord which he had measured, have justly broken the golden bowl which he had fashioned!


As we wended our way up the valley of the Platte one could look back for miles and miles on a line of wagons, the sinuous line with vari-colored wagon covers resembling a great serpent crawling and wriggling up the valley.

Serpent vile!

Thus there may be not one marvel to speak of in a century, and then often enough comes a plentiful crop of them; monsters of all sorts swarm suddenly upon the earth, comets blaze in the sky, eclipses frighten nature, meteors fall in rain, while mermaids and sirens beguile, and sea-serpents engulf every passing ship, and terrible cataclysms beset humanity.

19 Words to use with  serpent