50 Words to use with servant

The evangelist is a man of intellect and prayer, who can preach the gospel to a scientific age, and to a thinking coteriea coterie of college men and mechanics, of society women and servant-girls, of poets and of mine-diggers, of convicts and of reformers.

It was the work of a single smutty servant-maid to clean this brass plate every morning, and to attend to the wants of Mr. Gann, his family, and lodgers.

Among the members of his church there was one young man, named William Dane, with whom he lived in close friendship; and it seemed to the unsuspecting Silas that the friendship suffered no chill, even after he had formed a closer attachment, and had become engaged to a young servant-woman.

SEE Douglas, Lloyd C. DAY, CLARENCE. Father and mother and the servant problem.

If that proves servants property, it proves wives property.

And it was answered to him, say on, and he said: I am servant of Abraham, and God hath blessed and magnified him greatly and hath given to him oxen and sheep, silver and gold, servants men and women, camels and asses.

And when, in the course of the evening, she found courage to converse more freely, giving her views, for instance, on the great servant question, and on other matters of domestic interest, it became clear to Mr. and Mrs. Rymer that their landlady, though a soft-hearted and simple-minded woman, was by no means to be regarded as a person of no account.

A mistress of my acquaintance asked her servant boy, one day, what was the reason she could not get him to do his work whilst his master was away, and said to him, "Your master works a great deal harder than you do; he is at his office all day, and often has to study his law cases at night."

This liar in grain, who never opened her mouth without a lie, must be guarded against a remote inference, which she (pretty casuist!) might possibly draw from a form of wordsliterally false, but essentially deceiving no onethat under some circumstances a fib might not be so exceedingly sinfula fiction, too, not at all in her own way, or one that she could be suspected of adopting, for few servant-wenches care to be denied to visitors.

Why the sudden lapse on the part of this extraordinary and self-confident young person into the terminology of the servant class? "Yes, I am," she admitted.

To collect damages it was not enough for the workman to prove the employer's negligence, for collection was made more difficult by (1) the doctrine of contributory negligence, (2) the doctrine of the assumption of risk, and (3) the fellow-servant doctrine.

Lord, grant me faith and patience to the end of the race, when I shall have to say, Now, Lord, lettest thou thy servant depart in peace.

" "There's nobody but me and my mother, and a servant lass," I said.

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" "Ah!"(I had been unpacking all day; and Mrs. Throckmorton in the interval of servant-hunting had not been able to refrain from a visit or two, en passant to dear friends.)

"The maid-servants kneel in that corner.

Beardless young servant-lads, full of fun and laughter, had replaced the grave old domestics of former days.

The second Mrs. Balwhidder had a genius for management, and started a dairy, and set the servant lassies to spin wool for making blankets and lint for sheets and napery.

My Lord, your humors are most strange to us, The humble fortune of a servants life Should in your carelesse state so much displease.

Also I said at that time to the people, Let each man with his servant lodge in Jerusalem, that they may be a guard to us by night and may labor by day.

" Surely we all know men of this kind, and the consternationcomparable only to that of M. Jourdain under the impromptu carte-and-tierce of his servant-maidwhich their sturdy if informal dialectic will often spread among many kinds of "learned societies."

Licet decurione more romano non sint addicti præcise quindecim milites quos regat, centurionique centum viginti octo, centuriones tamen ultro citroque centenarium numerum, et ultro citroque denum, decurionem est consilium appellare; nec enim hos servant ordines hispani ex amussim, cogimurque nomine rebus et magistratibus dare.

You want to forget that master and man business, the servant proposition, and proper respect, and all that rot.

"One night the servants quarters was overflowin' wid Yankee soldiers.

Charge not yourself with all, nor render vain Those show'rs the eyes of us your servants rain.

50 Words to use with  servant