67 Words to use with shade

Crows, ravens, magpiesfriends in distressgather on the ground beneath the best shade-trees, panting with drooping wings and bills wide open, scarce a note from any of them during the midday hours.

Gifford glanced at his companion and noticed that her face had gone a shade paler than before the interruption.

His blue eyes grew a shade darker.

" CHAPTER VI FAIRFAX SPEAKS WITH ME Sanchez drew a chair into the slight shade cast by the mainsail, and induced his reluctant companion to sit down.

" Alan Massey's white face turned a shade whiter.

our captains cried; when each gun From its adamantine lips Spread a death-shade round the ships.

Consider also' This argument seemed for a moment to stagger the younger man, whose olive complexion had turned a shade greyer.

We view well-pleased at distance all the sights Of arms and palfreys, battles, fields, and fights, And damsels in distress, and courteous knights; But when we look too near, the shades decay, 30 And all the pleasing landscape fades away.

Beneath the cool, deep shade of these majestic trees the ground is occupied by ferns, chiefly woodwardia and aspidiums, with only a few flowering plantsoxalis, trientalis, erythronium, fritillaria, smilax, and other shade-lovers.

When I look at this stately maiden I think of the bright pink moss, I think of a foaming brooklet with a bridge of stones across; I think of a waste of heather, a collie pup, and a cat, In the arms of a rosy baby with a blue straw sun shade hat.

"Good-bye," said Ann. Bubble's red face grew a shade redder.

He sat down beside her, a shade graver.

But now farewell to each and alladieu To every charm, and last and chief to you, Ye lovely maidens that in noontide shade Rest near your little plots of wheaten glade; 130 To all that binds the soul in powerless trance, Lip-dewing song, and ringlet-tossing dance; Where sparkling eyes and breaking smiles illume The sylvan cabin's lute-enlivened gloom.

And now on the eve of his promis'd return, All anxious, she flies to the strand; But the night-shades descend ere her eye can discern The white-sail approaching the land.

And with fond look the smiling shade desires, O'er the smooth lake with fruitless tears he grieves, His spreading fingers shoot in verdant leaves, Through his pale veins green sap now gently flows, And in a short lived flower his beauty glows Addison has given a full translation of the story of Narcissus from Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book the third.

She found the family gift a shade disconcerting, a little later, when after her uncle kissed her he held her off at arm's length and studied her face.

As but the only shade doth there remain Of that, which there was built in time forepass'd:

It is not without pain, that the reader observes a shade encroaching upon the light with which the memory of queen Mary has been hitherto investedthe popular, the beneficent, the pious, the celestial queen Mary, from whose presence none ever withdrew without an addition to his happiness.

After Eden, all terrace, pool, and flower recollect thee: Ye weavers in saffron and haze and Tyrian purple, Tell yet what range in color wakes the eye; Sorcerer, release the dreams born here when Drowsy, shifting palm-shade enspells the brain; And sound!

As there is music uninform'd by art In those wild notes, which, with a merry heart, The birds in unfrequented shades express, Who, better taught at home, yet please us less: So in your verse a native sweetness dwells, Which shames composure, and its art excels.

I sing, not to hear the echo repeat, a shade fainter, my song!

"That's the shade flapping.

My Castle in Spain There was never a castle seen So fair as mine in Spain: It stands embowered in green, Crowning the gentle slope Of a hill by the Xenil's shore, And at eve its shade flaunts o'er The storied Vega plain, And its towers are hid in the mists of Hope;

In its shade groups of citizens are seated discussing news or business.

In that pleasant shade hours may be passed close to nature.

67 Words to use with  shade