160 Words to use with shopping

Camille's portrait appeared in the shop-windows; the illustrated journals depicted him before the redoubt, carried upon the shoulders of two men, his sword pointed towards the enemy, encouraging his soldiers by his voice, gesture, and look, his forehead bound with a handkerchief, and his face bleeding.

Out of a shop door before them came a girl with a parcel under her arm.

Shop-girls and ladies' maids have a weakness for them.

The Bombay shop-keeper commences by asking an exorbitant price for his commodities; our Memon retorts by offering the least they could possibly fetch; and the battle between the maximum and the minimum eventually settles itself somewhere about the golden mean, whereupon the Memon hies him homewards as full of satisfaction as Thackeray's Jew.

R56626, 3Jan50, Maude Simpson Wentworth (W), Eva May Luse Smith (W) & Herbert Druery Harper (A) Machine-shop mathematics, be George Wentworth, David Eugene Smith and Herbert Druery Harper.

COLVIN, FRED H. American machinists' handbook and dictionary of shop terms, by Fred H. Colvin and Frank A. Stanley.

They went lumbering and clattering through the outskirts of the town, and at length, after having roused the dormant wit of one shop-boy, who shouted "Knives to grind!"

Among the subjects in this branch are office work and shop practice, constructing joints in carpentry and joinery, cabinet making and turning, together with modeling in clay.

From the news-stalls of the boulevards, the corners of the streets, the publishers' shop-fronts, a ubiquitous Camille watched him pass, and seemed to follow him with his eyes.

The shop assistant told me that as they were expecting fish the following weekend almost all their tanks were empty.

ARTHUR, HARLAN R. Machine shop theory and practice.

SEE Jones, FRANKLIN D. Machine shop training course.

Practical Mechanics for Boys This book takes the beginner through a comprehensive series of practical shop work, in which the uses of tools, and the structure and handling of shop machinery are set forth; how they are utilized to perform the work, and the manner in which all dimensional work is carried out.

He trudged out of Waikiki to the shopping center and ate breakfast in a coffee shop that served the best Portuguese sausage on the island, made, he was told, by an elderly couple whose identity was secret.

Why, thou whoreson refuge of a tailor, that wert 'prentice to a tailor half an age, and because, if thou hadst served ten ages thou wouldst prove but a botcher, thou leapst from the shop-board to a blue coat, doth it become thee to use thy terms so?

We are this moment about to engage in a business transaction of great importance; in fact, if you must know the worst, we are going to buy a bonnet!" Mrs. Sheldon entered into the shopping expedition with a zest which reminded Jack of the Scriptural battle-steed which sayeth "Ha-ha" to the trumpets.

All that, however, was "shop talk" to the little performer, but Andy learned considerable from the keen-witted little fellow, who appeared to know as much about the ins and outs of show life as some veteran of the ring.

An observer reported in 1855 that a few were engaged in shop keeping or were employed as clerks, while a still smaller number devoted themselves to teaching and preaching.

MILLER & STERN SUPPLY CO. Distributors of industrial, automotive and machine shop supplies, tools, and equipment; catalog no.22.

Housewives with perambulators and oil-cloth shopping bags.

Just look at this shop book.

Somethingforce of habit probablyled her to the shopping district.

Shop job sheets in radio.

An act of Elizabeth made picking a pocket a capital offence; another, passed as late as the reign of William III., affixed the same penalty to shop-lifting, even when the article stolen might not exceed the value of five shillings.

and then she remembered that Hollis must be on his way to the train, and then that she and Linnet were to drive to Portland that day on a small shopping excursion and to find something for the birthday present of Morris' mother.

160 Words to use with  shopping