15 Words to use with showering

The whole hillside was one slush, and the snow melting on the ill-made Little Cabin roof brought a shower-bath into the upper bunk.

Through the hushed air the whitening shower descends, At first thin wavering, till at last the flakes Fall broad and wide and fast, dimming the day With a continual flow.

They had a regular frolic towards night, bathing and shower-bathing.

When, in vernal showers descending, Blossoms gently veil the earth, When the fields' green wealth, up-tending, Gleams on all of mortal birth; Tiny elves, where help availeth, Large of heart, there fly apace; Pity they whom grief assaileth, Be he holy, be he base.

It can be decked with gold and silver hearts and candy kisses, and on its branches should hang the shower gifts, prettily wrapped and tied.

Obedient to the breeze and beating ray, From the deep-loaded bough a mellow shower Incessant melts away.

"Flung a shower o' bombs an' rushed us, sir," said the private.

An occasional shower patters on the dry leaves, but it does not silence the robin on the outskirts of the wood: indeed, he sings louder than ever, though the song-sparrow and the bluebird are silent.

In April's glad shower Flash petals and leaves, Less bright than the flower Round thy heart that weaves!

After one and a half days the substrate should be sprayed with water three times a day with a shower pointing upwards so that the water falls on the bags like rain.

Where seas of glass with gay reflections smile 220 Round the green coasts of Java's palmy isle; A spacious plain extends its upland scene, Rocks rise on rocks, and fountains gush between; Soft zephyrs blow, eternal summers reign, And showers prolific bless the soil,in vain!

Now all the swamps are flushed with dower Of viscid pink, where, hour by hour, The bees swim amorous, and a shower Reddens the stream where cardinals tower.

"I think I'll go over to one of the side seats," remarked Darrin, and Bob piloted him there, while Jim aided Jetson out to the shower room and locker.

The iron-shower spedten of the 120 never saw the sun rise again; 17 more were wounded, three mortally; our hull and rigging were regularly cut to pieces.

In doing this I felt something like a man pulling the string of a shower-bathand the effect was like ithis fury boiled over directly, and quite eclipsed all the former row.

15 Words to use with  showering