14 Words to use with shrubbery

" They were walking slowly back along the shrubbery path.

The mangroves were no longer to be seen fringing the banks with their garden shrubbery appearance.

This has large leaves of a rich purple colour, resembling those of the purple Beech, and is a very distinct plant for the shrubbery border.

They were presently interrupted by the ladies, who, having withdrawn beyond the shrubbery clump to powder their noses from Florrie's gold vanity box, had discovered the smokers, and now threatened to tell if the gentlemen did not instantly return.

Finally, a great deal of shrubbery clusters along the base of the stone wall, and takes away the hardness of its outline; and in due time, as the upshot of these apparently aimless or sportive touches, we recognize that the beneficent Creator of all things, working through His handmaiden whom we call Nature, has deigned to mingle a charm of divine gracefulness even with so earthly an institution as a boundary-fence.

Being unusually bright of foliage, they are of great service in planting for shrubbery embellishment, and which they light up in a very conspicuous manner during the dull winter months.

'Where did you meet him?' 'On the Fell, about a quarter of a mile from the shrubbery gate.' 'Did you?

In the midst of the shrubbery growth on the breaks there is a fine growth of nutritious grasses, which forms excellent winter forage.

They are very desirable plants, either for bed formation, for rockwork ornamentation, or for planting around the shrubbery margins.

The holly reminded us of the Czar Peter spoiling the garden-hedge at Sayes Court; this led us to John Evelyn, the father of English gardening: and the laurels drove us into shrubbery nooks, and all the retrospections of our early days, and above all to our early love of gardens.

For shrubbery planting they must ever rank high, the beautiful flowers and rich green ample leafage rendering them distinct and attractive.

Meadows verdant with grasses and shrubbery stretch away to the base of the distant mountains, which, rolling into ridges, rising into peaks, and breaking into chains, are defined in the deepest blue upon the horizon.

In exterior scenes where, for example, trees or clumps of shrubbery answer in a measure to the old "wings," the old terminology may not be quite meaningless; but it is far better eschewed.

Accordingly, I stole through a solitary shrubbery walk, which wound round the hill, and at length led me to a forest-like spot, or straggling wood, which flanked the whole of the carnival.

14 Words to use with  shrubbery