64 Words to use with slept

Reaching out further, he broke the crust obliquely just above, and having packed the snow as well as he could immediately about, and moving lengthwise with an infinite caution, he crawled up the few inches to the narrow ledge, balancing his stiff body with a nicety possible only to acrobat or sleep-walker.

Of course, she was wrong to humour the whim; but it had been hard to refuse him, hard to seem churlish and obstinate after he had been so kind on the night her father had frightened her by his sleep-walking; and it had been still harder because she had been conscious of a certain pleasure in the thought that she should see him again.

Ahmi, ahmi, little one, sleep sound.

And when I waked, my first memory was of the wondrous thing which had befallen in the sleep-time; for none in all this world could have known those words; save it had been the spirit of Mirdath, my Beautiful One, looking from above my shoulder in that utter-lost time, as I made those words to her, out of an aching and a broken heart.

"The laurel had on her, as on most sleep-wakers, a distinguished magnetic effect.

Shakespeare merely touches such a scene with the magic of his genius, and his Cæsar speaks: Let me have men about me that are fat: Sleek-headed men, and such as sleep o' nights.

Sleep-waking develops the powers of seeing, healing, and poesy.

Brooklet hidden in the grass, Murmuring faintly as you flow, Sing a sleep song while you pass; Sing the dreamiest song you know, Something slow, something low, Lulla-lullaby.

In the case of many advanced and exceptionally well-developed clairvoyants, no trance or sleep condition is induced.

" "My Elder," said Draxy to herself as she went up-stairs, "he's everybody's Elderand the Lord's most of all I think," and she went to sleep thinking of the solemn words which she had heard him speak on the last Sunday.

ANDERSON, BERNICE G. Indian sleep man tales.

I do languish night and day, sleep doth bring me no surcease and music, alack, abatement none.

in Rees's Cyclopædia, says, "the proportion of time passed in sleep differs in different persons, and at different ages.

And like a lion, slumbering in the way, Or sleep dissembling, while he waits his prey, His fearless foes within his distance draws, Constrains his roaring, and contracts his paws; 450

The night brings sleep, the sleep distress; The torture of the day Returns as free, in darker dress, In more secure dismay.

The sirname of this sleep-distroyin' animile, is Muskeeter.

I now, in lieu of paines so gracious, Am tost in th'ayre with everie windie blast: Thou, safe delivered from sad decay, 335 Thy careles limbs in loose sleep dost display.

Deep sleep dreams are in the true sense clairvoyant, though for the most part irrecoverable "Canst thou draw out Leviathan with an hook?"

I never heard her laugh yetexcep' in her sleep efter eatin' a crab.

It means very little sleep fer you this night, but you can lay abed late.

In the cracks of the marble floors, in the crannies of the walls, springing from beneath the broken statue, voiceless yet persistent, grow scarlet poppiesthe sleep flowers of the world, yielding to this yellowing Temple of Mysteries the quieting influence of their presence.

This measure will vary directly with the development and activity of the brain; to overstep the measure is mere waste of time, because if that is done, sleep gains only so much in length as it loses in depth.

Either thy healthful sleep hath left thee long, Or else some Fever rages in thy blood.

She slept, like one exhausted and rose full of sleep-heaviness, full of bodily soreness and spiritual protest when the alarm clock raised its din in the cool morning.

For human weal Heaven husbands all events; Dull sleep instructs, nor sport vain dreams in vain.

64 Words to use with  slept
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