8 Words to use with spendings

Thirty-eight-hundred-dollar-a-year apartmentmore spending-money in a week than you can spend in a month.

There was no real control attempted, and while the extortionate prices charged by Jews in their excellent agricultural colonies and by the natives made a poor people prosperous, it gave them an exaggerated idea of the size of the British purse, and they may be disappointed at the limitation of our spending powers in the future.

And Jones, being elderly, and still a little astonished at having won the affection of such a divinity, has not the courage to say "No." To the people afflicted with these loose spending habits I would commend the lesson of a little incident I saw in a tram on the Embankment the other evening.

Our spending population will be on the battle-field, and the laborer will remain in the cotton and corn-field.

Nature rarer uses yellow Than another hue; Saves she all of that for sunsets, Prodigal of blue, Spending scarlet like a woman, Yellow

[N.B.M. Zola gave up tobacco in his young days, when it was a question of his spending twopence per diem on himself, or of allowing his mother the wherewithal to buy an extra pound of bread.

War losses and emergency spending incident to warfare led to large scale financial assistance from one government to another.

To Sixth Avenue drift men who, for the first time in a Miss-spending life, are feeling the prick of a fraying collar.

8 Words to use with  spendings