288 Words to use with stage

4to 1677 has here the marginal stage direction '[A Letter', to remind the prompter to have that property ready for the immediate entry of Friendlove.

Time was when the stage coach was the model method of travelling.

The stage manager did his best to teach Jack and myself what to do, but when Monday night came we didn't know much more about it than when we began.

By the touch of a finger the stage-door had been opened; they had been admitted behind the scenesto the inside, as they had longed to be.

During the two years that I worked for him as pony express-rider and stage-driver, he never spoke an angry word to me.

Stage guide for Crocodile Island.

The little scene had played itself out before the eyes of Paul, who did not want it; of Etta, who desired it; and of Catrina, who did not exactly know what she wanted, with the precision of a stage-play carefully rehearsed.

The Boy, greatly concerned lest, after all, the visit should end badly, dropped on his knees to add the force of his own example, and through the opening phrases of Mac's prayer the agnostic was heard saying, in a loud stage-whisper, "Do like medown!

The stage box opposite our friends was filled with a party of about ten men.

There is an attempt toward elaboration of stage effect.

It must have been the glamour of the adventure that had deceived me; that, and the unusual stage setting and costuming.

Stout men are oft with sudden onsets danted: What shall this Stage-player be? Lucan.

"Well then, I'll be a stage hand," declared Bobby, whose feelings were impervious to slights.

After that it was neither Gloria nor himself who played the part of stage-director; that time-honoured responsibility was back in the hands of the oldest of all stage-managers.

she flashed, when Ada ordered her to remove several stage properties that were in the way.

About the middle of September the Indians became very troublesome on the line of the stage road along the Sweetwater.

The illusion is far more perfect than that obtained by all the resources of stage management and all the skill of the actor's art in the best theatres of France.

In tragedyin all which is to affect the feelingsthis undivided attention to his stage business, seems indispensable.

Two stage versions of "Dombey" appearedin London in 1873, and in New York in 1888, but in neither case was the adaptation particularly successful.

"The picturesqueness of stage scenery that is not real, not alive.

My father at this time was running a stage line, between Chicago and Davenport, no railroads then having been built west of Chicago.

Margaret told herself that this would be impossible if she were ever so little vulgarised by her stage life, and in this reflection she consoled herself for what Lushington had said, and nursed her resentment against him.

The entire audience are making heroic efforts all through the play to prevent each other from seeing that they know they are listening to the most finished acting to be seen anywhere, and looking at the prettiest stage pictures ever set.

When I had finished the scene, and had retired from the stage, the stage-carpenter came up and said: "That long-haired gentleman, who passed out a few minutes ago, requested me to tell you that you could go to thunder with your old show.

" When they reached Library Hall, where the play was to be given, Patty, going in at the stage entrance, was met by a crowd of excited girls who announced that Florence Douglass had gone all to pieces.

288 Words to use with  stage