50 Words to use with stairs

There is no stair-case within the tower; one goes up by a spiral inclined plane.

He noticed, too, that his arm holding the stair-rail trembled in a silly way, whereas he was perfectly calm.

So Roger, leaping back from the stair-head, turned about and ran to Beltane, stumbling and spattering blood as he came, whereupon Beltane clapped-to the door and barred it in the face of the pursuit.

As there was but one entrance door from the stair-way on this floor, I felt certain that I had found the right place.

On the west and north sides the niches are in three tiers of three on either hand of the tall louvred windows, but on the south and east sides one tier is absorbed by the stair turret.

"All except a chair in the kitchen and three stair-rods," said Betty.

Even that hideous stair-carpet was a little worn, she noted, as noiselessly she mounted to the second story.

The telephone was ringing on the stair landing.

Simmonds obeyed phlegmatically, but my hands were trembling so with excitement that I was in mortal terror lest I drop one of my shoes; but I managed to get them both off without mishap, and to set them softly on the floor at the stair-foot.

(He goes to the left, where three steps lead to a stair door.)

One of her last observations was "how frightfully like this room is to our room in Islington"our up-stairs room, she meant.

Thoroughly worn out with the strenuous evening and the still more strenuous night that followed it, they finally fell asleep, while the sun rose unwelcomed over Carver Hill and the stair clock chimed half past six in vain.

Jutting a story above the one-storied march of Winchester Road, The Convenience Merchandise Corner, Benson, overlooks, from the southeast up-stairs window, a remote view of the City Hospital, the Ferris-wheel of an amusement park, and on clear days the oceanic waves of roof.

hang him, scrapetrencher, stair-wearer, wine-spiller, metal-clanker, rogue by generation.

The dull raps her scrubbing brush striking the stair corner just behind your wall.

" "That wash silk I'm telling you about, though, Mrs. C., does up like a" "There's ma thumping with the poker on the up-stairs floor.

Simplified stair layout.

Printed history is so infested with this vermin, in the form of secret memoirs, back-stairs diarists, and boudoir eavesdroppers, that it is almost impossible to feel sure of the actual fact of any history whatsoever.

I leaned a moment over the rail which circled the stair-gallery and looked down.

In the background, a palace with a terrace from which a broad stair descends.

So they must needs trip him up, so that he rolled down the stair hollering and squalling all the way enough to bring the house down, and his poor lady mother, she woke up in a fit.

Doubtless it had passed through several grades of back-stair intelligence before it became a morsel for Cairns' particular informers.

"When I was up-stairs jest now fer my slippers, I heard him kind o' sniffin' inter his piller.

"His leg is broken!" He made a splint for the dog, and with Lida helping, they put him to bed in a clothes-basket in my up-stairs kitchen.

We avoid a good deal of publicity by piling our homes on top of each other, and by elevators and stair-climbing.

50 Words to use with  stairs