177 Words to use with star

The field of battle was lighted as if in full day by star shells.

But that day she did not doubt her eyes, that star dust danced in the waves of sunshine; that the gray snow birds played crack the whip outside the window; that the willow hedge, palpitating in the sunshine, beat time with its silvery branches to the music that lilted through her heart; that the blue in the sky was bluer than it had been, and the sunshine more golden than it ever was in the highest noon in highest June.

Outside in the faint star-light he thought a dim shape was passing down towards the river.

(In Three star magazine, Oct. 25, 1928) © 7Sep28; B799239.

I know a secret; star edition.

(In All star detective stories, Oct. 1929) © 3Sep29; B44337.

"In America a poor schoolmaster, who has some bright boys who ask questions, buys a glass and becomes a star-gazer, without time and almost without instruments; or a watchmaker must know the time, and therefore watches the stars as time-keepers.

" In England the marigold, which is carefully excluded from the flowers with which German maidens tell their fortunes as unfavourable to love, is often used for divination, and in Germany the star-flower and dandelion.

[Footnote 2: During the cruise of H.M.S. Bulldog, commanded by Sir Leopold M'Clintock, in 1860, living star-fish were brought up, clinging to the lowest part of the sounding-line, from a depth of 1,260 fathoms, midway between Cape Farewell, in Greenland, and the Rockall banks.

A beginner's guide to the stars, based on A beginner's star book, by Kelvin McKready [pseud.] Arranged by Maud King Murphy.

"Honest, the way those two towns fall for this: 'Manager Soandso is to be congratulated upon securing for his next week's attraction Mr. Suchandsuch's elaborate production of the great London success, 'The Rancid Prune,' with the following all-star cast of metropolitan favorites.'

(In Red star love revelations, Mar. 1941) © 31Jan41; B486066.

He knew that Dennis was a cow-puncher, and not a star performer on his own pitch, and he had only to look at the man to realise how unfitted he was for the rough work of a logging-camp.

A long table was covered with scrolls, skulls, crucibles, crystals, star-charts, geomantic figures, and other appurtenances of a magician's calling.

It might have been an extremely remote star-cluster; orthe thought came to me suddenlyperhaps it was the sidereal universe that I had known, and now left far behind, forevera small, dimly glowing mist of stars, far in the depths of space.

" ~The Disappointed Lover~ Where grow the willows near the eastern gate, And 'neath their leafy shade we could recline, She said at evening she would me await, And brightly now I see the day-star shine!

"Mr. John Effingham and myself were star-gazing at a point where two walks approach each other, just as you and Mr. Powis were passing in the adjoining path.

The junior star finder.

And back of him was Coroner Goldberger, whom I had met in two previous cases; while the third countenance, looking at me with a quizzical smile, was that of Jim Godfrey, the Record's star reporter.

Above thee in splendour A love that could render Brave service, burned star-like And constant and tender.

Your birth star influences and what they mean, by Stanley Barrett, pseud.

ROBINSON, F. C. The star interest tables.

But hope not to elude his piercing sight, In vain for thee the deepest glooms of night; Couldst thou through Ocean's depths for refuge fly, Or midst the star-beams track the upper sky!

The horizon to the zenith was full of shimmering star-points, Olympia, with Jack, turned slowly toward the house, silent and not wholly sad.

No skeleton in the closet; no wishing the marriage undone; with no eternal fitnesses of things to make the gods envious; no great joys of having met each other's star-soul; with plenty of little every-day rubs, either in the shape of hateful little economies in the choice of opera-seats and cab-hire, or petty illnesses and nerves.

177 Words to use with  star
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